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Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Furnace

All equipment has a lifespan, whether it is your car, dishwasher or furnace. Sooner or later, it’s time for a new one. Deciding when it is better to replace rather than repair your heater is based on your unique situation. Here are factors to consider:

How old is your furnace?

The average lifespan of a furnace is 15 to 20 years. Warmer states can expect to get a longer life simply because the furnace doesn’t work as hard. In Michigan, a heater runs for half of the year with heavy loads December through February. If your furnace is close to 15 years old, you should start saving for a replacement.

How efficient is your furnace?

If your furnace is an 80% efficient model, replacement with a high-efficiency model will save money each and every month it runs. Energy savings of 15% or more can be expected. Also, as with any piece of equipment, as your furnace ages it becomes less efficient due to wear and tear.

Have you maintained your furnace?

Regular maintenance results in extending the lifespan of your heating system. If furnace maintenance has been neglected, individual components will start wearing out quicker than expected. The overall lifespan of the unit will be less than the average time expected. Repairs are always more expensive than annual maintenance.

Does your furnace keep up with Michigan Winters?

If your house just never seems warm when the weather is brutal, your furnace may be unable to keep up with the cold. If it seems to be running all the time but you’re still wearing a sweater, your utility bills will tell you it’s time for a new furnace.

Are you hearing noises when your furnace is running?

Squeaks, squeals, rattles, and bangs are a sure sign that nothing good is happening inside your furnace. The longer you put up with the noise, the more expensive the repair becomes. If your furnace is making noises, it is telling you to start budgeting for a replacement.

Call your local Aire Serv® furnace professionals for help deciding whether you should repair or replace your furnace system. They have the training and the experience to help you consider all of your options.

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