back to school - two young children

Go Back to School Comfortable

The start of a school year brings many emotions to surface for children – excitement and anticipation are common, but sometimes fear and nervousness can cause butterflies. What can you do to best help your child go back to school as comfortable as possible? Aire Serv, your Comfort Company, has some tips for you.

Bring back the school schedule.

Start having regular meals and bedtimes at least one week before school starts. This will make the transition easier for everyone: the kids won’t be so surprised at the change, and you will have a much easier time waking them up on Monday morning.

Beat the rush and get supplies and school clothes early.

Many schools make school supply lists available during the summer, so take advantage of the resource and get shopping done before stores are sold out of everything. When shopping for school clothes, make sure to double check the school’s dress code. You don’t want your child to be sent home for wearing something they aren’t supposed to.

Stay organized with a calendar.

Mark important dates—picture day, parent-teacher meetings, sports games, etc.—in your calendar as soon as you know the details. Not only will this keep you from over scheduling your time, you’ll feel better knowing that you won’t forget those important dates. A family calendar on the fridge or in the living room is a great way to keep track of everyone’s schedules, especially if you have multiple children with busy schedules.

Stick a note in their lunch box.

If your child is starting at a new school, a comforting note may help ease the nervousness of the day. Even if they are embarrassed to find a note in their lunch, they will be thankful for the reminder that you care.

Talk through their worries with them.

Even if your kid doesn’t say it, there is probably something on their mind about the upcoming school year. Talk to them about how they’re feeling and see what you can do to ease their worries. Something as simple as a new haircut can make them feel better about facing the new school year, and they’ll always remember that you’re willing to help however you can.