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  • Gas burner on stove

    Switching from Electric Heat to Gas Heat: What You Need to Know

    The two most common types of fuel used for home heating are electricity and natural gas. For many Americans, gas is the go-to fuel ...

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  • ASV thermostat with text: "deal temperature settings to keep away the cold"

    Ideal Temperature Settings to Keep Away the Cold

    Winter is quickly approaching and that means uncomfortably cold temperatures for many people. Luckily with Aire Serv heating ...

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  • Furnaces with text: "what type of heater should I have?"

    What Type of Heater Should I Have?

    What type of heating system should you have? That’s a loaded question, with many variables seemingly jumping in your way to thwart ...

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  • Heater dial with text: "what type of heater do I have?"

    What Type of Heater Do I Have?

    Having a hard time identifying the large hunk of metal or odd string of contraptions currently heating your home? Relax. You’re ...

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