The “Undercover Boss” Episode Featuring The Dwyer Group to Rerun on August 10

Dina Dwyer-Owens, chairwoman and CEO of the Aire Serv parent company The Dwyer Group, will re-appear on CBS’s hit reality show “Undercover Boss,” on Friday, August 10 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.

The two-time Emmy nominated show, “Undercover Boss”, originally aired The Dwyer Group episode during its third season on January 22nd, but is now re-airing the episode. Viewers will once again see Dwyer-Owens remove and replace a broken residential water heater, mow a lawn in 119 degree heat and maneuver inside an oven to rewire a thermometer.

“I was honored to have the opportunity to go undercover as ‘Faith Brown’ and work side-by-side our frontline team members,” said Dwyer-Owens. “I’ve received more than 1,400 emails and communications from viewers from all over the world with an overwhelmingly positive response to The Dwyer Group and our company’s Code of Values. I’ll admit that I may have shed a tear or two after reading some of the responses.”

Dwyer-Owens has championed The Dwyer Group Code of Values and its themes of Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus and Having Fun in the Process as a foundation for the company’s success. The service brands will account for more than $750 million in annual system-wide sales this year.

Since appearing on “Undercover Boss”, Dwyer-Owens has launched a Women in the Trades program, which will provide scholarships to women working within The Dwyer Group companies to achieve the required credentials in their chosen service field. Tanna Marino, the Mr. Appliance technician featured on “Undercover Boss”, is a spokesperson for the program.

The Dwyer Group is a company known the world over for its franchise brands: Aire Serv®, Glass Doctor®, Mr. Appliance®, Mr. Electric®, Mr. Rooter®, Rainbow International® and The Grounds Guys®. Among the seven brand’s 1,600 franchise locations, about 2 million residential and commercial service calls are made each year.