Five reasons why air conditioning units should be appreciated

WACO, Texas (July 2, 2014) – July brings the celebration of Independence Day, fun at the lake and hot summer days. The month of July also means it is “Air Conditioner Appreciation Month.” In the summer months, air conditioners work all day, every day to keep homes cool. Aire Serv has the top five reasons air conditioning units should be appreciated.

They work harder than you

Air conditioners keep homes and buildings cool and comfortable all year round, not just during the summer. Air conditioning units work seven days a week, 24 hours–a-day and take fewer “sick days” than most people.

They make the sniffles go away

A properly operating air conditioner will keep the sniffling and wheezing down by reducing allergens inside of a home or office building. Using the air conditioner also means that doors and windows will be closed more often, improving indoor air quality and making allergy season more bearable.

They can decrease the frizzy factor

Air conditioners reduce humidity, saving your hairstyle even on particularly hot and muggy days. Styled hair may not last outside, but indoor locations with air conditioning, like a home or office, can offer valuable protection from unwanted frizz.

They make parties cool

Adding people to a room is one of the quickest ways to raise the temperature. Fortunately, air conditioners can make even the most crowded dinner parties cool so that guests can continue to have fun.

They offer complete control

Not only do air conditioners increase comfort, climate control settings can be important for many people’s health. For example, babies, senior citizens and people with certain medical conditions are more sensitive to high temperatures and may require specific temperature settings. Climate control can even make pets more comfortable.

There are some things in life that are taken for granted every day, and air conditioners are just one item in a long list. Most people treat their air conditioners like an occasional best friend, only thinking about it when they need something. Take time this summer to appreciate everything air conditioners do for us.