Keep Winter Utility Bills Down with the Ideal Home Temperature

Aire Serv® has the right home temp for cold weather

WACO, Texas (Nov. 3, 2014) – With colder temperatures ahead it is important for homeowners to know what the perfect home temperature should be to stay comfortable while saving on the electric bill over the late fall and winter months. Aire Serv has the ideal home temperature for the cold months and ways to keep the utility bill lower over winter.

The ideal temperature

The ideal home temperature to save on the electric bill during the colder months, according to TXU Electric and Gas, is 70 degrees. This setting will allow the heating system to warm the house to a comfortable temperature while keeping utility bills at a manageable level.

Keep it cooler to save

During the colder days, every degree lower than 70 that you set your thermostat at will bring down the electric bill. Setting the temperature at 65 degrees rather than at 70 degrees can save an average of 26 percent on heating costs, significantly reducing the monthly electric bill.

Programmable thermostat

With the advancement of home automation and smart home technology, saving money on the electric bill in the late fall and winter months has been made easier for homeowners. Several thermostat manufacturers have programmable thermostats that can be controlled by smart phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices. Having complete up-to-the-minute control over home temperatures allows homeowners to adjust the temperature of the home as the weather changes.

Setting the thermostat to the ideal home temperature, or slightly lower, and using a programmable thermostat will help homeowners keep the electric bill down as the cold weather sets in.