Local Business Owner Gives Ambulance Second Chance at Emergency Response

PORTERVILLE, Calif. (Oct. 23, 2014) – Local business owner Orval Brown, owner of Aire Serv® of Tulare County, recently saw an ambulance sitting at a used car lot and new he had to rescue the vehicle so it could once again respond to emergency calls.

Those emergency calls would not be for people, but rather for their heating and air conditioning systems that need professional, technical help.

Brown recently converted the ambulance into the perfect heating, ventilation and air conditioning service vehicle. The converted emergency response vehicle will feature shelving, a large transportation area for units and a towing package for jobs that require the use of a trailer.

“The ambulance can still be used for emergency purposes,” said Brown. “It is just a different kind of emergency, but still involves people who need help.”

The emergency HVAC service vehicle will be featured in the Porterville Veterans Day parade on Nov. 11. The service vehicle will be towing the Strathmore youth football league cheerleaders, helping to spread the word about their team and organization.

Brown, a Vietnam veteran who served with the 71st Cavalry, is glad to help out others and enjoys giving back to the community.

“The Aire Serv culture is one of being a part of the community,” said Brown. “I am proud to have served my country and I am proud to serve my community.”

To find out more about Aire Serv of Tulare County, call 559-784-5628 or visit aireserv.com/tulare-county.