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This Valentines Day Take Some Solo Time

Aire Serv® 14 things better done solo

WACO, Texas (Feb. 12, 2014) – Don’t let being alone on Valentines Day get you down. People don’t always need to do everything together. There are a lot of things you can do solo. Aire Serv has 14 activities that are better done solo.

  • Biking

  • Grab the bike and hit the trails. Take some time and go on a solo bike ride through the neighborhood or bike trails.
  • Paint or be creative

  • Make your creative side come alive by painting or crafting. When you paint or take on a creative project solo you avoid the criticism of your work by others and are free to create whatever comes to mind.
  • Read a book

  • This is the ultimate solo activity. Pick up a classic or go for a mystery read. Books allow you to escape reality and unwind from an overwhelming or stressful day.
  • Exercise

  • Whether you go for a run or hit the weights, exercise is a great solo activity. You don’t have to keep pace with anyone and can exercise how you want without criticism.
  • Take selfies

  • Go to your favorite places and snap away. Take a day to go around and snap pictures of yourself wherever you want.
  • Shop

  • By shopping alone you set your own schedule and pace. Spend as much time as you want shopping for your new jeans or shirts.
  • Vacation

  • A solo vacation allows you to see the places you want to see without having to follow someone else’s schedule. Meet new people, visit exotic places and take your time.
  • Volunteer

  • Volunteering alone can be a rewarding experience. You give back to your community and get to spend time doing things you want to do.
  • Spa day

  • Make the day all about you. By going to a spa solo you can take as much time to relax as you want.
  • Visit a museum

  • A solo trip to a museum can be rewarding and educational. Find a museum that peaks your interest and enjoy the trip.
  • Take a class

  • You are never too old to learn. If you have something you are interested in and want to learn more, take a class.
  • Start a hobby

  • There are a lot of solo hobbies. Scrapbooking, card collecting and model building are great solo hobbies.
  • Clean your closet

  • Out with the old, in with the new. Cleaning your closet can be a great opportunity to gather clothes for donation and to organize your existing wardrobe.
  • Get your coffee on

  • Take time to take a break. Getting coffee for one can be a rewarding gesture to yourself. Grab some coffee, chair and take some time to unwind.