Turning up the Heat

Aire Serv has furnace preparation tips for winter

WACO, Texas (Nov. 23, 2014) –Being prepared for winter weather means taking a look at the heating and ventilation system before it’s too late. Aire Serv has a few things that can help make sure the furnace and heat system is prepared for winter.

Check the wiring

Check the wiring of the furnace for frays or loose connections. If the heating system has a fan belt, check for cracking and dryness of the belt and replace if necessary. If potential problems with the belt or pulleys are found, consult a technician.

Inspect the ductwork

Be sure the ductwork is inspected for holes or cracks, if any are found, call a technician for further inspection and repair. Having an HVAC technician inspect the heating system before the cold weather season begins can eliminate any potential problems.

Clear the area around the furnace

Make sure to clear a wide area around the furnace and remove any potential fire hazards from the furnace area. Having a clear path to the furnace allows for quicker inspection if something is not working correctly with the unit.

Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are the first line of defense against fires and CO leaks, so it is important to make sure they are working properly. Carbon monoxide detectors should be tested regularly. It is also a good idea to replace detector batteries before the winter season begins. Remember that carbon monoxide detectors should be installed at waist level.

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