Understanding Signs of a Malfunctioning Furnace

Aire Serv has tips to be prepared for winter

WACO, Texas (Nov. 13, 2014) – Colder temperatures are already affecting large parts of the United States. If the furnace isn’t working quite right, Aire Serv has some reasons why that might be happening. These tips from Aire Serv on understanding a malfunctioning furnace may help diagnose why the system isn’t working right.

Check the thermostat setting

If the temperature outside is getting cold and the thermostat does not turn on, check to make sure the thermostat was changed from the “cool” setting to the “heat” setting.

Make sure vents and registers are open

The furnace may turn on but closed vents and registers will keep the system from running correctly. With central air systems, all vents and registers should be kept open, even in rooms that are not used very often. Closing vents and registers with a central air system will prevent the system from running efficiently.

Check the system filter

Air filters should be changed at the start of the winter season. If the heating system is turned on but little airflow is present, pull and check the system filter to see if it requires changing. Remember to change the filter every 60 to 90 days to maximize output.

Check for a tripped breaker

One reason the furnace may not turn on is because when the system was initially turned on it may have overloaded the electrical system causing a breaker to trip. If you notice the thermostat setting is correct but the system will not turn on, check the breaker box to see if one has tripped. If so, contact a service professional for a system inspection or repair.

For more information visit aireserv.com. To learn more about diagnosing a malfunctioning furnace click here.