HVAC Industry Experts Explain Importance of Air Filters

WACO, Texas (Feb. 2, 2015) – A lot of homeowners know to change the air filter every 60 to 90 days. Failure to change the air filter can have an adverse affect on the heating and air conditioning system. Aire Serv® has the reasons why changing the filter is the most important thing homeowners can do to keep the HVAC system running correctly and a list of important factors to know about air filters.

HVAC efficiency

Not changing the air filter on a regular basis will lead to lower HVAC efficiency, which leads to higher energy bills. If the air filter is not changed regularly, homeowners can expect to have more costly repairs on the unit. Another drawback to keeping the same filter beyond 90 days is it will lead to poor indoor air quality. The filter can only absorb so much dust and dander before it is not able to function correctly. Changing the filter ensures the air in the home will be cleaner.

Check the fit

Most HVAC units take one-inch air filters. There are high-efficiency units that will take larger size filters. The easiest way to install the right filter is to pull the air filter and check the dimensions. When installed, the filter should not have a gap on any of the sides. Properly fitted air filters keep unwanted particles out of the air.

The right direction

Putting the air filter in the wrong way will affect how well the HVAC system works. A filter that is put in wrong impacts the airflow, reducing the efficiency of the unit. Filters are manufactured with arrows painted on the side of the filter. The arrow points in the direction the air is flowing, indicating how the filter should be placed in the unit.

Filter efficiency

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, is a rating system on all air filters. The rating indicates the filters ability to trap particles. The greater the number, the more particles it can trap. The MERV ratings for home filters range from one to 16 with HEPA filters having a range of 17 through 20.

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