Local HVAC Company Gives Family a Furnace

JACKSONVILLE, Ill. (Jan. 20, 2015) – Offering more than just warm wishes, Aire Serv of Central Illinois, owned by Chris and Jennifer Williams, awarded a new high efficiency furnace to Heidi Megginson. The Lennox ML195 furnace was given away through their Facebook page during their “Heating for the Holidays” online contest.

In the past, Aire Serv of Central Illinois has given away furnaces, but they wanted to do something different this year. The team wanted to find a way to assist someone truly deserving in the community. They began asking around for nominations which came pouring in through their website.

“With the winter and holidays coming up, it made sense to give someone dependable, affordable heat,” said Chris Williams. “We were asking for people that are constantly helping others and could use a little help themselves this year.”

After reviewing the nominations made by community members, the Aire Serv of Central Illinois team began to narrow down their list to the final three. The finalists were featured on their Facebook page, and the public was able to vote on their choice of who would receive the new furnace. Over the course of several days, the winning contestant received over 1,000 likes on their photo.

“This was probably one of the most enjoyable events our shop has done in a long time,” said Chris Williams. “The winners were very appreciative, and the team felt great about having the opportunity to help somebody that really needed it this winter.”

A single mother of three, Megginson works as a nail technician in Jacksonville to support her family.

“I was so incredibly humbled by the support. I remember getting a message when we hit a thousand (likes), it made me tear up,” said Megginson. “These people voting for us that I didn't even know, let alone ever be able to repay, we are blessed.”

After reaching many of their own goals this past year, Aire Serv of Central Illinois wanted to help out the community that has allowed them to grow and succeed. They were glad to find a way to give back the community and do some good for someone in need.

“We strive to serve our communities throughout the year, and helping out a deserving person in need is a representation of our commitment to reaching out and understanding the communities we work with at Aire Serv,” said Doyle James, president of Aire Serv.

For more information about Aire Serv of Central Illinois, visit aireserv.com/jacksonville.