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Digital Thermostat being set by persons hand

Programmable Thermostats vs. Smart Thermostats

When homeowners are looking into the various equipment to install in their home, they may have to make some difficult choices. One thing that they may need to consider is whether to install a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat. There are some key differences to be aware of regarding which one to use.

Programmable Thermostats

These are the digital thermostats that so many homes use. The large display allows users to select their desired temperature and the air conditioner or furnace would run until that temperature is reached, then turn off until needed again. There are some benefits to using a programmable thermostat, including convenience and savings on costs.

It helps save money because you can set up the perfect setting for your home, even while you’re not there. The thermostat would work minimally, making sure you are not dealing with the units running while no oneĀ is home. It can also be set so that the temperature is set to reach the desired temperature as soon as the homeowners return. If you’re looking for savings on monthly utility bills, this may be the option for you.

Smart Thermostats

When someone puts in a smart thermostat, you can use your mobile device to change the temperature. You can set heating and cooling schedules, making sure comfort is achieved simply. The thermostat is controlled using Wi-Fi through the phone, tablet, or computer. Even better, it allows homeowners to monitor their energy use and see how effective their HVAC is. It is the most advanced thermostat currently on the market, but the decision to install it will ultimately depend on your budget and comfort level with the technology.

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