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Preparing your Furnace for Winter in Rapid City

Residents of Rapid City recognize the need for a furnace when it turns to the winter season. It gets cold and can disrupt the comfort of many homeowners. Unfortunately, for some, when this time comes and they go to turn on the furnace, they may encounter a number of problems. This is why it is so important to prepare the furnace well before the cold weather hits and it reaches the lower temperatures. Here are some tips for homeowners to utilize.

  • Importance of Maintenance: The best possible way to prepare a furnace for winter is to ensure that proper maintenance is performed during the summer. Any issues should be remedied before the need for the furnace comes into play.
  • Check the Filters / Ducts: One of the issues that can impact how well a furnace performs is dirt in the filters or air ducts. This can make it difficult for the furnace to work effectively, taking longer to heat up the home. This increases the expenses on utility bills and more.
  • Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector: Because furnaces can emit carbon monoxide, having a detector installed can help prevent any issues including poisoning. Proper maintenance of the furnace can also help to avoid the problem of exposure.
  • Make Sure It Works: Throughout the summer, turn on the furnace every so often to ensure that it is working properly. Listen for strange noises, check for odd smells, and more. If there are any issues, early repairs can make sure the furnace is working when it reaches the winter.

At Aire Serv of The Black Hills, our expert HVAC technicians are dedicated to making sure our customers have their furnace working effectively, providing the best possible heat for their home. Getting through the winters without heat can be difficult, but you can get the services you need to remain comfortable.

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