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What to do if your Furnace isn’t Producing Enough Heat

What would you do if you go home after a cold day, turn on your furnace, and it doesn’t heat your home the way it should? This happens far too often and people are left trying to deal with the inclement weather and figure out what’s wrong. Fortunately, there are ways to narrow down exactly what the problem could be and ways to fix the issues. Here are some things to check if the furnace is not producing enough heat.

  • The Furnace: First, check the furnace itself. There are potential issues that can arise, forcing the furnace to work less efficiently than it should. This means it may take longer for the furnace to heat the home to the desired temperature, or it doesn’t reach it at all, working constantly and using more utilities to run.
  • The Filters and Ducts: One potential part of the problem could be due to the ducts having a buildup of dirt and dust. This could limit the potential amount of hot air making it into the home from the furnace. Dirty filters can also prevent the warm air from going through the ducts and working as efficiently as it should.
  • The Home: Finally, a home can have potential leaks or gaps in windows and doors. Also, insulation in the home may not be correctly installed. This means cold air from the outside is getting in and hot air from the inside is getting out, making it work less efficiently.

Any time a homeowner has an issue with their furnace, they may feel the issue is something they can fix. However, do-it-yourself remedies can do more harm than good. This is usually a job for a professional HVAC technician to work on and provide the right fix. At Aire Serv of The Black Hills, our team is here to make sure your home is the comfort level you desire.

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