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Signs You Need to Replace your Air Conditioner

If you’ve ever gone to turn on your air conditioner only to realize it isn’t working, it can be a stressful situation. Many people don’t realize the need to maintain their air conditioner during the fall and winter months, but if something goes wrong, the problems may be so severe that the unit is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

Here are some signs it is time to replace the air conditioner:

  • It is older: Even a well-maintained air conditioning unit can begin to break down as it gets older. This is usually the case with air conditioners that are 10 to 15 years old or older. These units don’t work nearly as efficient and should be replaced.
  • Breaking down often: If the air conditioning unit frequently breaks down and is causing you to seek expensive repairs, it is most likely the best option to replace the air conditioning unit.
  • Doesn’t cool your home: You use your air conditioning unit when it gets unbearably hot, making your home uncomfortable. When your air conditioner doesn’t work efficiently, despite being maintained, you may need to replace it with a unit that is more efficient.
  • Need an expensive repair: If your air conditioner has stopped working and it would be more cost efficient to replace the air conditioner rather than fixing it, you should look into a new unit.

At Aire Serv of The Black Hills, we have the experience to help you replace your air conditioning unit with a new, energy-efficient system so you no longer have to deal with the problems of an air conditioner breaking down.

We can come out and make sure you have the right fix, providing you with upfront pricing. When you need top-notch services, you can trust that our firm is able to help you achieve the ultimate comfort in your home.

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