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Air Conditioner Repair to Keep You Cool in Corona

We’re Like EMTs for Your HVAC

Nobody wants to come home on a sizzling hot day to find that their air conditioner has stopped working! To keep your home from turning into an oven, you need service as quickly as you can get it. Luckily, Aire Serv is on-call 24/7 offering air conditioning repair when you need it most.

Common Air Condition Problems

There are a few common AC problems which may require emergency repair, in Corona and everywhere else:

  • The air conditioning unit won’t turn on
  • Strange noises or vibrating at startup or during operation
  • Warm air coming out of the supply registers
  • The unit hums, but the fan doesn’t turn on
  • The fan turns on, but the compressor stops working
  • Water is pooling at the base of the air conditioner

Why Has Your Air Conditioner Stopped Working?

It is easy to tell when something is wrong with an air conditioner, it’s finding out what’s behind the problem that’s tough. These are a few of the primary causes of air conditioner break-downs and how an Aire Serv technician will fix them for you.

  • There is no power to the air conditioner. Sometimes, this is because of faulty wiring, an overheated AC that has shut itself down, or a tripped breaker. A technician can repair the wiring, reset the circuit breaker, and make sure nothing is blocking airflow to an outdoor unit.
  • The fan belt is worn out. Any squealing noises are cause for concern. It could be that the fan belt is wearing out, and if it breaks before a technician is there to replace it, the repair could end up being much more expensive.
  • There is a refrigerant leak. The most common sign of refrigerant leaking is a hissing sound. This is not only bad for the environment; it also decreases your air conditioner’s efficiency. A simple recharge and tubing replacement is all it takes to fix this problem.
  • The evaporator coil is frozen. Low refrigerant levels, poor circulation, and continual operation at night can cause an evaporator coil to freeze. This makes the air coming out of the supply registers warm. Turn off the air conditioner and call a technician to find out what repairs you’ll need to prevent a frozen coil in the future.
  • The fan motor is defective. Repairing a fan motor is important to provide air circulation in your home. A replacement fan might be necessary or a technician may be able to repair the motor.
  • The compressor is faulty. If the fan runs but the air feels warm, that is a result of a broken compressor. Since the compressor is one of the most expensive pars of an air conditioner, a technician will be able to help you decide whether a replacement is more cost effective than repair.
  • The condensate drain is clogged. This is caused but dirt, algae, insect nests, and other debris clogging the drain over time. This can lead to water damage if a technician doesn’t come out to flush the system and apply and algaecide to prevent future clogs.

If you are in need of air conditioning repair in Corona, Eastvale, Norco, or other communities in Riverside County, call our expert technicians at (951) 363-2721

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