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7 Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

HVAC Maintenance Tips to Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is officially here. While you may be excited about summer vacations, road trips, Fourth of July barbecues, or outdoor activities, you might be apprehensive about the warmer temperatures. Luckily, Aire Serv of East Nashville is here ensure your HVAC system is operating at maximum efficiency and can keep your home cool.

Here are seven HVAC maintenance tips to prepare your system for the new season:

  1. Assess your thermostat. It is important to check your thermostat to ensure it is working efficiently. A malfunctioning thermostat can interrupt your HVAC system’s cycle or cut off your AC altogether.
  2. Change the filters. Aim to replace your filters every 45-90 days – depending on your circumstances. Pet owners and residents in areas with abundant pollen should change their filters every 45 days; others may wait longer. Whatever your situation, changing your filters regularly will prevent pollutants from getting into your home.
  3. Check the refrigerant levels. Your air conditioning system uses refrigerant when it cools down your home. However, it will run out over time. Check it regularly to refill it before it hits empty.
  4. Clean the condenser coils. Condenser coils contain the refrigerant while it’s in liquid form. If the coils are dirty, they may not operate efficiently, which is why you should remove any dirt or debris from them. Be sure to turn off your condenser before cleaning.
  5. Clean your air ducts. Over time, dust and debris may clog your ductwork, which can impact your unit’s efficiency and cause health concerns. Our technicians can inspect your ducts and develop and execute a plan to address the issues we notice.
  6. Move furniture that blocks your vents. Large furniture can restrict airflow if placed in front of a vent. Blocked vents can also strain your air conditioning system as it overworks to regulate the temperature.
  7. Schedule routine maintenance appointments. At least one time each year, you should schedule a professional maintenance appointment. During this appointment, technicians can inspect your system and address any functionality issues to ensure the unit works.

Other Tips & Tricks to Cool Down Your Home

As it heats up, you will likely turn up your home’s HVAC system with the hope of keeping your home cool. However, you may risk overworking your system or suffering financially from a high utility bill.

Here are some alternative ways to keep your house cool in the summer:

  • Assess your home’s insulation. Even if your HVAC system is operating at maximum efficiency, it may become overworked if you have poor insulation. You should ensure the following rooms/areas have enough insulation: attic, basement, crawl spaces, foundation walls, and exterior walls. It is also wise to replace insulation every 15 years.
  • Change your bed sheets. Different fabrics are designed to either keep or release heat. Consider getting cotton or bamboo sheets for your bed. These materials can help you stay cool during hot summer nights.
  • Close your blinds/shades. By closing your blinds, you reduce the heat that radiates through your windows, which can cool down rooms that are usually hot, and your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to regulate your home’s temperatures.
  • Consider investing in a modern thermostat. You can control and monitor your home’s temperature, even when you’re not home, with a programmable thermostat or smart home system thermostat. These devices cannot only help you ensure your home stays cool but can also help you save money.
  • Get an awning. To shade your home and reduce the amount of direct sunlight coming into your home, you can invest in an awning, which can reduce heat by up to 77% for east-facing windows and 65z% for west-facing windows. If you plan ahead, you may also consider planting a tree, which can provide a lot of shade.
  • Grill/cook outside. When you cook inside, your stovetop burners and oven can make your home even warmer. Rather than add to the heat inside, you can grill outside.
  • Install ceiling fans. If you do not have fans in your bedrooms or frequently occupied rooms, you should install ceiling fans in those rooms to help increase the circulation of cool air. If the room does not have the electrical wiring needed to install a fan, you can also invest in a pedestal (or standing) fan.
  • Put a bowl of ice in front of your fans. With the ice in front of the fan, you can get an even cooler blast of air as the fan blows. You can also use ice packs instead of a bowl of ice.
  • Seal your doors and window. If there are cracks in your doors or windows, you are likely losing cool energy. You should caulk any gaps and consider installing heat-resistant window film.
  • Set your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise. To stay cool in the summer, you should ensure your ceiling fans spin counterclockwise; they can create a downdraft and push cooler air down in a column when they rotate this way. In the winter, you can rotate clockwise to pull cool air up. Directions on how to change the rotational direction should be included in the instruction manual.
  • Wear breathable fabrics. As we mentioned before, you should be mindful of the fabric materials you use during the summer, including those you wear. Linen, cotton, rayon, and polyester clothing are typically very breathable.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services

Staying cool isn’t just a matter of comfort, it’s also important for your health. Hot weather presents a danger to children, elderly persons, and people with health concerns. Let us help you protect yourself and your family.

At Aire Serv of East Nashville, we are dedicated to helping our customers address their home cooling and HVAC needs. We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • Air conditioner repair
  • Air conditioner replacement
  • Air conditioner installation
  • Thermostat replacement and installation
  • Emergency services

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