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Installation of Commercial Kitchen Hood

Our services include areas surrounding Merced such as Los Banos, Turlock, & many more

When designing a kitchen for commercial use, it’s important that each piece of equipment precisely fills a given task. From the style of appliances to the organization of each cupboard, a well-managed kitchen needs each component to excel at its function. Aire Serv of Greater Merced employs licensed and insured technicians to help you install commercial kitchen hoods of all brands to ensure you have a safe environment to cook in. The odors that are created when cooking foods in a commercial kitchen are unavoidable in the kitchen, but a properly installed kitchen hood and well balanced HVAC system will help prevent those odors from escaping into the dining room.

Kitchen ventilation is one of those aspects that should surpass expectations because of the unique importance of its role in the kitchen. If not properly designed and controlled, a kitchen can be uncomfortable environment to work in. Our services include:

  • Controlling kitchen temperatures
  • Managing air quality through measure
  • Reducing energy loss
  • Restricting odors to the kitchen
  • Preventing exhaust system contamination
  • Integration of HVAC and CKV systems
  • Sealing gaps and improving efficiency

Air Balance Services

Having your Air Balancing done on a regular basis will help keep your system running safer, as well as potential savings on your energy costs

Proper air balancing should be done, at a minimum on a quarterly basis. Good air balance will help insure proper air flow in your kitchen, as well as any open areas whether it is in an office or in a dining area. Did you know if your air is not balanced correctly, you could be wasting a lot of money on higher utility costs, as well as an increase in the work load on your heating and air conditioning system? When the air is not balanced correctly, you could be in taking more air than you should, causing your system to work overtime – and nobody like to work overtime. Air balance is easy to check, even on your own, and when it isn’t in balance, we can work with you to get it back to proper variances.

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The goal of Aire Serv of Greater Merced is to help educate our customers about to importance of commercial kitchen ventilation. Knowledge of what brand or design works best for your business or home will give you the opportunity to choose how we can help you install the best system possible and control your kitchen setting.