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  • A technician installs a whole house water filter after a pressure tank.

    The Benefits of Installing a Whole-House Water System

    The 3 Main Types of Whole-House Water Systems If you own a home, you know that water is a valuable resource in more ways than one. ...

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  • Heating appliance with an arrow changing from red to blue indicating the recovery of calories from the air with in the background the 3D symbol of energy efficiency classification.

    How Improving Your AFUE Rating Will Save You Money

    What AFUE Stands For Have you ever heard of an AFUE rating? If not, you're not alone. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization ...

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  • A homeowner applies a rubber seal around his windows to insulate them from a cold draft.

    Winterize Your HVAC System with These 8 Easy Tasks

    The Benefits of Winterization Winterization is another name for the process of preparing your home for the long winter months. ...

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