4 Signs You May Need an Air Conditioner Repair

While we’re in the middle of one of the hottest summers on record, residents of Michigan are on the lookout for signs that they need an air conditioner repair. With temperatures reaching 90 degrees, now isn’t the time for catastrophic failure. Our team’s been keeping busy ensuring that our customers’ AC maintenance is up to date and ready to keep their homes – and their families – cool during this sweltering summer.

But how do you know if your system is at risk of failure? What signs should you be looking for? This post will discuss four of the most common indicators of potential system failure.

AC repair can help if your system is blowing hot air.

If your AC system is blowing hot air, you probably already know it needs to be serviced. Caused by a wide range of issues, from dirty evaporator coils to clogged air filters, this isn’t an issue you can ignore. Wasting electricity and potentially damaging your system’s internal components, this problem can be quickly addressed by scheduling a professional air conditioner repair.

You’ll want an air conditioner repair if your system’s making odd noises

Air conditioners, especially older models, can produce several alarming sounds. Maybe you’ve heard loud banging, persistent buzzing, or high-pitched whistling. Whatever the noise, you’ll want to reach out to a professional to identify them. In a lot of cases, noises are caused by obstructions in your vents or damaged fan blades. But, these noises can indicate an inefficiency in your system that should be addressed before it becomes a major problem.

Bad airflow can signal that your AC isn’t properly maintained.

Good airflow is a crucial element of your AC system, as it ensures that cooled air is evenly circulated throughout your home. Without good airflow, cooled air can sit in your vents, getting stale and warm. Obviously, this isn’t desirable and should be corrected, as it can cause higher electricity bills, faster filter usage, and – of course – uncomfortable temperatures. A professional inspection can determine whether poor airflow is caused by something simple, like a dirty filter, or something more involved, like leaky ducts.

An air conditioner repair can help you better manage humidity levels.

Not only has it been extremely hot this year, it’s been worryingly humid. With humidity levels at 80% to 90% regularly, you’ll want to be certain your air conditioner is able to remove some of that humidity. If you’ve noticed that your home is unusually sticky or humid, it’s likely time to schedule an air conditioner repair. Whether your refrigerant is low or your evaporator coil is damaged, a professional will be able to diagnose and repair the problem in no time.

At Aire Serv of Kalamazoo, we’re committed to ensuring that our customers’ AC systems are properly maintained. With the area’s most experienced team of highly trained technicians, we’re able to identify and fix all major HVAC issues. So, whether you’re concerned about the noises that your system’s making, worried about unusual humidity levels, or just want to be certain your AC is in good shape, contact us today to schedule an AC repair.

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