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Make Time for a Tune-Up

Isn’t it time to take an annual furnace tune-up seriously? I know it isn’t top of mind for most people. A lot of homeowners don’t think maintenance is necessary. They wait until it is too late, and then their furnace needs expensive repairs.

Let me ask you, do you know why servicing your furnace is so important?

A furnace can make up about 50% of your energy bill. That adds up, especially if we have a long, cold winter.

Save Money Now & Later

A well-tuned furnace will be more efficient, and use less energy. There are estimates that regular maintenance can save you as much as 30%. Annual tune-ups are just one part of maintaining your furnace.

Simple things like changing your filters will increase your savings. Clean furnace filters will keep your home at the desired temperature without the high bills. You also help to ensure proper airflow, which reduces the need for frequent repairs that can happen when your furnace is working overtime. On top of that, a well-maintained furnace will last much longer, which means you’ll get the most out of your investment.

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Keep Your Family Safe

Annual furnace maintenance will help to keep you and your family safe. Furnaces produce heat through burning fuel and it is important to ensure that the combustion process is efficient.

A problem in the furnace system can lead to a gas leak. I don’t have to remind you that a gas leak is very dangerous.

An unchecked furnace also runs the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. These are harder to detect because the gas is colourless and odorless. High carbon monoxide levels can cause nausea, headaches, and in some cases, death.

Having annual furnace maintenance will help catch any potential safety risks, and give you peace of mind that your furnace is working properly and up to code.

Maintain Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Regular furnace tune-ups will help maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

On most good-quality furnaces, you can get a 10-year warranty option. You’ll want to keep your furnace up to snuff to make sure that it still qualifies for the warranty.Aire Serv banner "Breathe. We're here to help you find peace of mind with clean, comfortable air in  your home. Aire Serv Frost (517) 325-5441. Aire Serv West Michigan (616) 259-5543. Aire Serv Mid-Michigan (517) 731-0266"

If there comes a day when you do need to cash in on that warranty, they are going to ask for service records to prove that you’ve been taking care of it. If you haven’t, you’re most likely not going to get the outcome you were hoping for.

Investing in annual furnace maintenance is the best way for you to be better safe than sorry.

Knowing the condition of your furnace before the cold weather kicks in will save you all that grief. For example, if all the maintenance in the world can’t save your furnace, you’ll have plenty of time to replace it before the first frost.

To scheduled your furnace tune-up contact us today. Breathe. We’re here to help you find peace of mind with clean, comfortable air.