Gas Fireplace – Repairs and Conversions in Manassas

The fireplace is the center of many living rooms and serves the dual purposes of a creating the ambiance of the room, as well as keeping it warm. There are many advantages to gas fireplaces, including the simplicity of having a fire at a moment’s notice – the ease of turning on or off at any given moment.

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Gas Conversions for Fireplaces

If you have an existing fireplace designed for burning wood currently, these can be converted to gas fireplaces and it is pretty straight forward. There are other things to consider, including if you want any change to the fireplace itself. There are pre-fabricated fireplaces which can give a quick makeover to an existing system. We can also review the change needed to bring gas to your fireplace and offer some options to do this as economically as possible.

We do not focus on one brand, giving our customers the flexibility to choose any type of fireplace that fits what you are looking for, as well as some different price options. Our knowledgeable team will help work through what you are looking for, the physical layout and planning, and put together some options on both the visual fireplace, the functionality of the fireplace, and the aesthetics of the fireplace – as well as the simplicity of turning in on and off – one of the top benefits of a gas fireplace.

Gas Fireplace Repairs

If you are having any trouble with your fireplace, give us a call, and we can come out and get it up and running for you. Aire Serv of Northern Virginia, located in Manassas, can service all brands of fireplaces, whether it is something simple or a bit more complicated. Most problems can be diagnosed and fixed on the spot, and if a part is needed, we can get it locally or order it and come back out as soon as we have the part to get your fireplace back up and running.

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