How Your Thermostat Functions

How Your Thermostat Functions

Thermostats are made to regulate the temperature in a home or building. There are a few different types of thermostats that are available for homeowners to use today. Each of these types of thermostats function differently in order to achieve a common goal; keep your home comfortable and at the specific temperature you chose. We’ve highlighted the most popular and functional thermostats below to give you an idea of how each of them function.

Manual Thermostats

Homes that have been built recently most likely do not contain manual thermostats. You are likely to see manual thermostats in older homes. Manual thermostats contain a small bubble of mercury and a piece of metal like aluminum or tin that changes in reaction to a temperature change. This sends an electrical signal to your air conditioner or heater to turn on, depending on the temperature. While there are still many manual thermostats in homes today, we recommend switching to a thermostat that does not contain mercury.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats also sense a change in temperature, like manual thermostats. However, programmable thermostats usually have a sensor that is operated by your HVAC system or a battery to sense a change in temperature. They also allow the homeowner to program different temperatures for different times of the week. Programmable thermostats are usually included in newer homes. Programmable thermostats are easy to use and do a great job at keeping homes at a comfortable temperature.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats, like Honeywell’s Lyric, are really popular right now. They have sensors that work to achieve the optimal temperature of your home. Lyric also has movement sensors and knows when your home is unoccupied. It strives for minimal HVAC activity when no one is home. The best part about smart thermostats is that they are accessible via an app. This means you can control your home’s air conditioner or heater settings from your smart phone!

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