As a Pinellas County native, Brian grew up in the warmth of the Gulf Coast and has never left. Living in the Sunshine State, he learned at an early age how the temperatures affect everybody, and how intense the combination of heat and humidity can be. Brian started in the HVAC industry at an early age, learning how to maintain and repair air conditioning systems. As his knowledge and skills grew, Brian made the challenging, yet rewarding, decision to start his own company - Joe Breezy Air Conditioning – back in 2004.

As Brian’s company grew, he knew he wanted to look for better ways to serve his customers and became a franchisee of Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning in 2017. Brian saw this as an opportunity to network with many other franchisees, as well as to take advantage of the resources Aire Serv provides for its franchisees. Brian wears his red and blue colors with pride as he works with his team and his customers every day. One can see by the quality of the reviews on Aire Serv of Palm Harbor, the respect and admiration his customers have for Brian and his company.

Outside of work, Brian is a true family man, happily married with two kids. Brian enjoys giving back to the community when he can and has coached the local Little League teams his sons played on. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, of course, Brian enjoys being out in nature and finds joy in fishing, hiking, and racing motorcycles during his family time.

With his craving for adventure, love for his family, and dedication to helping his customers in any way he can, Brian strives hard, every day, to get the job done right. Contact us today for any service, repair, or replacement system estimate on your air conditioning system.

Four large outdoor HVAC units on individual concrete pads.
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