Air Conditioning Installation Services in Palm Harbor, FL

Whether you're looking to add a new unit or replace an old one, Aire Serv of Palm Harbor is here to make the process as easy as possible. With our talented team of professionals and our variety of experiences throughout the years, we will bring clean, fresh air back into your home, letting you breathe easy.

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What Type of HVAC Is Right for You?

Factors such as your location, desired temperature, and how often you run your cooling can vary the results of which system is the best fit for you. Some of our most popular options include:

What Should You Consider When Installing an AC?

The installation process varies per house and is dependent on the type of system selected. Certain important factors that play a role include:

  • Choosing an HVAC system that is appropriately sized for your house
  • Whether you are installing a new unit or replacing an existing one
  • Potential ductwork installation - if you want a central air conditioning structure, keep in mind that there will have to be ductwork. Installing ductless split systems is great for homes without already existing ductwork.

Why Choose Aire Serv?

Getting your AC installed by an HVAC professional is critical in guaranteeing its success. When it’s installed the right way, an HVAC can save you and your home from years of future problems and costs. Our technicians offer upfront prices and quality service and will be helpful and respectful while servicing your home. Even better, later down the road, if your AC unit runs into problems, consulting Aire Serv for repair and maintenance can save you time by employing a company that is familiar with your home’s cooling system and how it works. We serve Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, Clearwater, Ozona, and Safety Harbor.

Save yourself the hassle in the long run, and contact Aire Serv of Palm Harbor, or request an appointment online, for AC repair, maintenance, and installation.

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