Air Purification Services in Palm Harbor and Beyond

Many homeowners are unaware of how important the air quality of their homes is. Stuffy airflow can cause nausea, headaches, fatigue, and an increase in allergies and illness. If you live with an elderly family member, have young children, or are particularly vulnerable to allergies, an air purifier can protect your comfort. Air purification can make a difference by eliminating harmful particles within your home. Aire Serv of Palm Harbor has a team of experts to help you understand your home’s HVAC systems. We can explain all the benefits of installing a purifying system and which model could best fit you. We are always eager to help.

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Benefits of Air Purifiers

Why Should You Consider an Air Purifier? These systems can:

  • Promote better sleep
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors
  • Remove harmful Radon
  • Improve asthma or allergy symptoms
  • Reduce airborne diseases
  • Reduce dust, dirt, animal dander, mold, and bacteria

Which Unit is Right For My Home?

When selecting an air purifier for your home, you’ll have many different options to choose from. Aire Serv of Palm Harbor can assist in the decision-making process, helping you select a unit that best fits your needs.

Some of our recommended units include:

HEPA Filters - HEPA filters are made of fine, fiber-like materials that make it difficult for particles to pass through into the airflow. They trap about 99.97 percent of all particles and are highly efficient. Unfortunately, they do not trap odors or gas molecules. For peak efficiency, professionals recommend combining HEPA and activated carbon filters.

Activated Carbon Filters - Activated carbon filters trap pollutants within their pores, preventing contaminated air from spreading within a home. Unlike HEPA filters, they can also remove odors and gasses, making them a valuable asset for homes needing better air quality.

UV Technology - With the help of UV rays, these systems seek to destroy germs and viruses, cleaning the air by turning pollutants into water or carbon dioxide. When bacteria travel through the UV rays, active molecules are converted to harmless particles, keeping you safe from disease.

Keep Your Home Clean & Fresh

By repeatedly eliminating harmful particles, your home can avoid harmful pollutants such as dust, mold, and animal dander.

Learn more about Aire Serv Indoor Air Quality Services and its importance.

When it comes to your airflow, accept only the best. Achieve quality air purification with help from Aire Serv. We are here to serve the residents of Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, Ozona, Clearwater, and Safety Harbor.

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