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Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Heating & Cooling in Quincy, IL

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If you’re looking to add heating and cooling to a new addition to your Quincy home, or simply give that one stubborn room some help with staying comfortable, you don’t have to go through the massive expense and undertaking of rerouting your ductwork or buying a bigger heating and cooling system. Instead, simply install a Quincy ductless heating and cooling unit and enjoy your home in comfort again as soon as possible!

The Quincy heating and cooling service experts at Aire Serv of Quincy are authorized dealers and installers of Mitsubishi ductless products, one of the leading names in ductless technology. These systems are small, inexpensive, energy-efficient, and whisper-quiet to operate. They’re also loaded with features that make them some of the most intelligent and cutting-edge technology you can put in your home!

At Aire Serv of Quincy, we are proud to be the local provider of air conditioning and heater services that you can trust. Whether you need simple maintenance or a major repair, our friendly, highly-trained technicians have the tools and experience to ensure that your issues are resolved quickly and successfully the first time. When it comes to ductless systems, we’re the team you can trust.

Get more information about the benefits of a ductless heating and cooling system or schedule an installation by calling Aire Serv of Quincy at (217) 617-4890 today.

Take Control of Your Climate With Zoning Capability

One of the big advantages to installing a Quincy ductless mini split system in your home is the ability to control your home’s climate in different zones. Zoning is the term for configuring your heating and cooling equipment to service different parts of your home independently. There are plenty of benefits to this, including the ability to more precisely control your comfort in the rooms you’re using, keep your heating and cooling system off in rooms you aren’t using, and even save energy as a result.

Ductless mini split systems from Mitsubishi give you the ability to control zones in rooms that may not have air ducts installed. Because these units are self-contained, they make an ideal choice for additions, garages, sunrooms, basements, storage rooms, and much more. With a ductless heating and cooling system, you can control this area independently from the rest of your home, keeping it comfortable when you need it and leaving it off when you don’t.

Installing multiple Mitsubishi ductless mini split systems gives you the ability to take control of multiple zones throughout your home. Mitsubishi’s advanced features allow you to control multiple units right from your smartphone or tablet, giving you full control from right where you are, anywhere in the world. A mini split system in major areas of your home, including in bedrooms and living areas, could give you complete control over your in-home climate at a price far below that of a central heating and cooling system.

How Much Does a Mitsubishi Mini Split Cost?

Woman Turning on Her Ductless Mini SplitA Mitsubishi mini split is probably one of the most affordable types of AC units you could purchase. However, the cost of a Mitsubishi mini split depends on the model and its capabilities. The less expensive systems cost around $1,500, while more expensive models can cost up to $6,000. The cost will also vary depending on the cost set by your local distributor. If you’re interested in installing a Mitsubishi mini split in your home or office, call our team at (217) 617-4890 for an estimate today!

Learn more about the quality products we offer in Quincy, IL by contacting Aire Serv of Quincy; send us a message today.

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