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How It All Started

How Comfort Tech Started

I’m often asked how I got into heating & cooling. The short answer is that the Air Force picked it for me. Here’s the long answer:

My Dad was a fighter pilot so I grew up in the Air Force.

Aire Force Ballistic Missile Facility Maintenance Specialist

When it was time for me to decide what to do with my life, I joined the Air Force to learn electronics. The Air Force assigned me to be an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Facility Maintenance Specialist. That means I worked on the systems that supported the nuclear missiles around Great Falls, MT.

Comfort Tech Owner

I learned a lot about electronics, electrical generation and distribution, refrigeration, and other mechanical skills. It was also fun to have a security clearance that allowed me to see the secret missile silos and launch facilities.

Comfort Tech's Beginnings

After serving honorably for four years, I was ready to seek my fortune in the civilian world. My wife, Therese, was pregnant with our first kid so I needed to get a job quickly.

Comfort Tech Owner

The field that my Air Force training seemed to match up with best was heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR). I went to work for a company in Orem, UT that serviced a variety of machines. In addition to furnaces and air conditioners, I serviced things like tanning beds, ice machines, and slushy makers. I enjoyed the variety and the challenge, but I quickly learned that I particularly enjoyed serving people and solving their problems. Later I went to work selling comfort system installations in new custom built homes.

Comfort Tech HVAC Services

I was enamored with the science of system design. After several years of working for other HVACR companies and recognizing their deficiencies, I was ready to do it my way. With an associate’s degree in mechanical/electrical technology, a bachelor’s degree in computers, and a new found passion for serving people and engineered comfort systems, I founded Comfort Tech (I later bought Aire Serv and started Utah Geothermal).

Comfort Tech to Wasatch Front

I love the team members I get to work with. I love the opportunity to serve people everyday. I love getting to be creative and custom designing comfort solutions for our clients. As a youth I never would have imagined that this would be my dream job, but it is.

Aire Serv of Wasatch Front