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The Early Years: Comfort Tech to Aire Serv

Aire Serv of Wasatch Front

In 1998 I founded Comfort Tech with the ideal that through our technology we could provide superior comfort.

Aire Serv of Wasatch Front Owner

After working for other heating & cooling companies and getting a good feel for the industry, I realized that nobody was providing customized, engineered comfort solutions.

Comfort Tech

As we grew we recruited great team members and had a lot of fun. I always held to the belief that if we were honest and did the right thing we would be successful.

The Early Years at Comfort Tech

Though we have always engineered and precisely installed all of our replacement systems, we found that our full capabilities could really shine when we installed the entire comfort system including ductwork, comfort zoning, and air quality components. We trademarked the term Engineered Indoor Environment™ to describe our unique holistic approach to system design and installation.

Comfort Tech HVAC Services

Incredible system efficiency was a fortunate side benefit of engineered comfort. As the market shifted away from the luxury of a comfortable indoor environment toward a desire for more sustainable system efficiency we were already there. In 2006 we were recognized for installing the most hybird heating & cooling systems in Utah County. In 2007 we installed our first geothermal heating and cooling system.

Comfort Tech to Aire Serv

We have since installed hundreds of Engineered Indoor Environments with Geothermal™ for our very happy clients. We have installed more residential geothermal heating & cooling systems than anyone else along the Wasatch Front.

Engineered Indoor Environments with Geothermal

We found it easy to differentiate ourselves in the custom new home industry, but struggled to convey our message of the benefits of engineered comfort when servicing or replacing existing heating & cooling systems.

Comfort Tech Services

In an effort to improve our external messaging, in 2010 we found a kindred spirit in the Aire Serv organization. Aire Serv is an international heating & cooling company that conducts all business using a Code of Values that is in perfect harmony with our own operating philosophy. We became Aire Serv of the Wasatch Front so we could take advantage of global expertise and purchasing power, while still maintaining local control. Aire Serv has proven to be a fantastic partner and we have really enjoyed the professional image and systems that have propelled us to be the best in the whole wide world.