How Can I Cool My House Down Without A/C?

Close up of green plants
Living on the Carolina Coast, we know all about the sticky, sweaty summer heat and salt air. While summer does not officially start until mid-June, ILM locals know that Wilmington humidity comes long before June and stays through September. As a HVAC company in Wilmington, we are constantly asked, “What are the best tips for keeping my house cool in the summer without turning on the air conditioning?”

Here are some tips to help you beat the heat in 90-degree Carolina summers without spending a fortune on A/C use and HVAC service.

Buy Some Plants Indoors: Plant Air Conditioning? It’s a real thing! There are many indoor house plants that can keep your house cool in a heatwave. Aloe Vera, Golden Pothos, Ferns, and Snake Plants – just to name a few. These plants add beauty, clean toxins from your homes indoor air, and are considered natural coolants. Not to mention, these plants are super easy to grow.

Buy Some Plants Outdoors: To create total comfort in your home, plant some additional trees and shrubs outdoors. Extra shade near windows can work as a great cooling solution and help block early and late-day sun.

Invest in Ceiling Fans: New ceiling fans may be costly but they are much less expensive than using AC all summer long. “Ceiling fans are incredibly energy efficient, and our ENERGY STAR® Certified Haiku fans ;really stand out,” says Dan Nelson, Senior Director at Big Ass Fans. “If you run a Haiku fan non-stop for a year straight, you can expect to pay between $5 and $10 in electricity. Put to the same test, the most inefficient ceiling fans would cost around $120 per year, but even this is much cheaper than air conditioning. The cost to run central air can be as high as $120 per month – and that’s if you only run it six hours a day.”

Turn on Bathroom Fans: Most people forget about their bathroom exhaust fans! Not only are exhaust fans a great tool at helping keep your home moisture-free but they can also keep your home cool by sucking the hot air out and replacing it with cool air. Don’t forget to turn on those fans before you jump in the shower.

Still struggling to stay cool in this Wilmington air? Give Aire Serv of Coastal Carolina a call today. We can evaluate your system and provide professional recommendations for your home. Offering no sweat air conditioning service to the Wilmington, New Bern, Topsail Beach, Ogden, Wallace, Rocky Point, Burgaw and surrounding areas.