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  • How Does a Wood Stove Work?

    Everybody loves the warmth and classic style of a wood-burning stove in the colder months. Woodstoves lend an instant cozy atmosphere to any space. If you’re considering investing in a woodstove this ...
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  • What Is a Pellet Stove?

    Wishing you could warm your hands with a cozy fire this winter? No need to build a fireplace or chop wood! Consumers are increasingly choosing the pellet stove for its energy efficiency, compact ...
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  • Which Way Should a Ceiling Fan Turn in the Winter?

    Most homeowners consider ceiling fans a must-have appliance to combat the summer heat, but what about during the winter? It’s a lesser known fact that changing the direction of the ceiling fan in the ...
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  • How to Heat a Sunroom in the Cold Winter

    A sunroom is a huge asset—but if you live in a cool climate, sunroom season can be too short. Without the aid of supplemental heat, a sunroom will always live up to its other name: “3-season room.” ...
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