Commercial Refrigeration Service

From restaurants and stores to healthcare facilities, reliable refrigeration systems are key to the services you provide your customers. At Aire Serv®, we install and replace high-quality commercial refrigeration systems for all kinds of businesses. Trust our team with the installation of your new or replacement system.  

Install or update your existing refrigeration systems. Call to learn more.

Types of Commercial Refrigerators We Install and Replace 

We install and replace commercial systems of all makes and models. Examples of the refrigeration systems we work with include (but are not limited to):  

  • Reach-in freezers and refrigerators 
  • Walk-in refrigerators 
  • Cold prep tables 
  • Pastry display refrigerators 
  • Bar refrigerators 
  • Wine and beverage refrigerators 
  • Over counter refrigerators 
  • Grocery store refrigerators  
  • Foodservice refrigerators 

Commercial Refrigeration Installation  

Our installation service is ideal for businesses without existing refrigeration systems. When you choose Aire Serv as your refrigeration vendor, you can trust that our service professionals will ensure your new system will work for your business by addressing:  

  • Use Type. We work with commercial clients in a variety of different verticals. Commercial food businesses like restaurants or grocery stores have vastly different needs than our clients in the medical field. Our expertise in refrigeration allows us to guide you throughout the selection process.  
  • Dimensions and Configurations. Once you’ve chosen your desired make and model, we’ll ensure a proper fit. Further, we’ll identify needs for additional electrical outlets, HVAC, and lighting needs. Our friends at Mr. Electric®, a member of the Neighborly® family of service brands, can assist in ensuring your electrical needs are met.  
  • Final Inspection. After installation, we’ll take time to inspect all key elements including the door seals, drain pans, condenser seals, and electrical components that may show signs of damage during shipping or installation.  

To help ensure your system runs smoothly for years to come, we’ll advise you on best practices for day-to-day maintenance, and scheduling professional services when needed.  

Commercial Refrigeration Replacement 

Our commercial refrigeration replacement service is designed for businesses with existing refrigeration systems. We replace systems that have failed or no longer meet the needs of the business.  

Common signs a system needs replacing include: 

  • Food is frequently and quickly spoiling. 
  • Repairs are too frequent or too costly.  
  • Energy bills have significantly increased. 

Aging units can also decrease in efficiency over time, resulting in a need for replacement. In this case, our service professionals will correctly match a replacement system, remove your old unit, and install the new one. If you wish you replace your aging unit with an upgraded system to better meet your business needs, our experts can also retrofit your space to match any changes in wiring, spacing, or design.  

Find Commercial Refrigeration Installation Near Me 

Your commercial refrigeration system is only as good as its installation. Let our service professionals do the heavy lifting and ensure your investment is installed properly. Call or request an appointment online to get started.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does a commercial refrigerator cost?  

It depends on the system type, size, model, and overall efficiency. The average range in price is between $1,000-$5,000 considering these features.  

How long do commercial refrigerators last?  

Most systems will last around 10 years, but this depends on the type of unit and its use. However, new, high-efficiency models that are well-maintained may last closer to 15-20 years.  

How often should my commercial refrigerator or freezer be serviced? 

The frequency of service will depend on the brand, size, and use of your commercial refrigerator. We recommend having your business's refrigeration equipment serviced twice per year. Learn more about our commercial refrigeration repair services.  

How often should I clean a commercial refrigerator?  

Cleaning is an important part of maintaining your company’s refrigeration appliances. Make regular cleaning and inspection a part of your daily or weekly cleaning routine, and keep monthly deep cleaning on your to-do list. Deep cleaning will allow you to head off issues with items like seals before they impact your unit’s performance.  

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