Commercial Ductless Split AC System Repair & Replacement

Commercial ductless split A/C systems offer quiet operation and an efficient cooling solution. However, if your mini-split is not running as it should be, call on your local HVAC experts at Aire Serv®. Our professionals will quickly diagnose the issues and perform the commercial ductless split A/C system repairs needed. If it is time for a commercial ductless split A/C system replacement, Aire Serv will help you with the process every step of the way.

What Are Ductless Split A/C Systems, and How Do They Benefit Your Business?

A commercial ductless split A/C system is ideal for cooling large spaces where running ductwork would be impractical or prohibitively expensive. Another excellent application is when you make additions to your property. Rather than installing ductwork and adding the extension to your existing HVAC system, many choose a commercial ductless split A/C system. Also known as “mini-splits,” these systems provide versatile climate control solutions, cooling specific rooms or “zones.” Some mini-splits also offer heating as well as cooling.

Commercial ductless split A/C systems include the following elements:

  • Outdoor Condenser Unit: Releases or collects heat, depending upon the time of year
  • Refrigerant Lines: Transport refrigerant between the A/C and the evaporator coil
  • Indoor Air Handlers: Mounted indoors, delivering cooled air to the blower

Commercial ductless split A/C systems include some of the latest HVAC technology. A mini-split is typically about 30% more energy-efficient than conventional cooling is. Although initially designed to cool a single zone, some commercial ductless split A/C systems can be programmed to cool multiple zones independently.

Common Issues with Ductless Split A/C Systems and How Aire Serv Can Help

Various issues can arise with commercial ductless split A/C systems. It can be disconcerting when this happens, as you rely on a working system to keep your business operating smoothly.

Indicators that your system is not running properly include the following:

  • Water Leaks: Water leaking from a mini-split indicates a blocked or cracked condensation line or drain.
  • Blowing Warm Air: If the air from your mini-split is no longer cool, a refrigerant leak may be present.
  • Excessive Noise: Commercial ductless split A/C systems are typically very quiet. If you notice unusual sounds, your system may need more refrigerant, a circuit board may have gone bad, or a sensor unit may need replacing.
  • High Indoor Humidity: A mini-split cools by removing moisture from the air. If your indoor humidity rises, it may indicate mold on the condenser line or that you need a larger unit.
  • Musty Smells: If your mini-split develops mold, leaks refrigerant, or has electrical problems, a bad smell is often the first sign.

As soon as you notice any of these signs of trouble, call your local Aire Serv. Our professionals are extensively trained and experienced in commercial ductless split A/C system repairs, and they will resolve the problems before they worsen.

Why Choose Aire Serv for Commercial Ductless Split A/C Service?

Aire Serv is your top provider for commercial ductless split A/C system repairs and all your HVAC needs. We have provided comprehensive HVAC services for businesses and homes across the country since 1992. Our service professionals are fully trained, certified, and equipped with state-of-the-art tools to get the job done right the first time.

As a proud member of the Neighborly community of service companies, Aire Serv is dedicated to providing HVAC repairs when needed, 24/7. We don’t want your business to suffer while you wait around for commercial ductless split A/C system repairs or other necessary services. Nights, weekends, and holidays, we’ll be there to repair your system quickly and efficiently at no extra charge.

You can count on being impressed with Aire Serv. The Neighborly Done Right Promise™ and our Satisfaction Guarantee back all our work.

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