Commercial Air Filter Installation and Replacement

Healthy air quality at your business is vital to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for you, your colleagues, and your patrons. Standalone commercial air filters or HVAC air filters should be serviced regularly to avoid the buildup of harmful, airborne materials and potential HVAC unit repairs.

Professional service helps to prevent the buildup of harmful airborne particles and helps to identify potential damage to your unit before it’s too late. Rely on Aire Serv® for commercial air filter replacement and installation services.

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Commercial Air Filter Types We Install and Replace

The right air filter will help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and create optimal indoor air quality, reducing the presence of harmful bacteria, mold, dust, and even viruses in circulation at your property. You can trust that our experts are up to date on the best filter types and practices for commercial indoor air quality.

Aside from variations in MERV ratings, we also install and replace several filter types, including:

  • HEPA
  • Pleated
  • Fiberglass
  • Washable
  • Electrostatic

Commercial Air Filter Installation

During the installation process, you can expect our team to accurately assess your HVAC systems and indoor air quality to determine the right filters. From there, we will be sure to safely install them into your units and provide you with information regarding maintenance and service needs. 

We install air filters in:

  • Furnaces
  • Heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Air conditioners
  • Split systems

If you have multiple HVAC units in need of air filter services, we can help establish an appropriate maintenance schedule for each.

Commercial Air Filter Replacement

To ensure the safety of your property, it's important to routinely schedule commercial air filter changing services. Doing so will help protect your HVAC units from malfunctioning and keep harmful indoor pollutants at bay.

If you notice:

  • Increased allergens
  • Higher heating and cooling bills
  • Debris buildup around the filter, unit, or building
  • Stale or musty smells
  • Decreased HVAC unit efficiency

then your system may require more frequent air filter replacement.

It's also important to frequently reevaluate this schedule as you obtain new workers, tenants, or changing environmental conditions. It's possible that pollutants may change or those routinely visiting your building have more severe allergies—in turn, filters may need to be upgraded or more frequently changed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often to change commercial air filter?

To maintain healthy air quality, air filters for commercial buildings should be replaced quarterly. This frequency may differ depending on the type of environment though. In cleaner office-like buildings, this schedule may be closer to 3–4 times a year, whereas, in more sensitive or polluted environments such as hospitals or factories, replacement may be needed monthly (or even weekly). HVAC sensors can help determine this schedule.

What size air filter do I need for my business? 

To determine the correct size air filter, you can look at your existing filter for measurements—typically listed on the outer edge. There should be three measurements: length, width, and thickness. However, if you plan to install or upgrade a filter, the thickness measurement may change. The best way to accurately size your filter and avoid HVAC damage is with professional services.

What type of air filter do I need for a commercial building?

To produce cleaner air and help remove harmful pollutants in your commercial environment, it’s recommended that you use filters with a higher MERV rating. For most commercial spaces, a rating of 13 is ideal. Ratings of 16–20 are typically found in medical spaces. However, there are also various types of filters, including fiberglass, washable, HEPA, UV, and more. An HVAC specialist can best determine the right fit for your building.

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