Home Heat Pump System and Maintenance

If you’re looking to install a heating system or replace your furnace with something more efficient and eco-friendly, an HVAC heat pump system is a great option. You can count on the experienced team at Aire Serv® to install your unit safely and quickly so you can breathe easy.

To help you understand which heat pump system is right for your home, we’ve made a simple guide below and outlined the services we provide.

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Heat Pump Systems We Service

  • Air-Source Heat Pump: These units transfer and concentrate heat from the air outside and move it throughout your home, and vice versa. Because they’re not generating their own heat, they run more efficiently using electricity.
  • Geothermal Heat Pump: These systems extract cold and warm energy from the earth, concentrate that energy, and transfer it into your home. While they require a more intensive installation process, the cost to operate is low because they are running on natural energy.

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Heat Pump Installation

Depending on whether you’re installing an air-source heat pump or a geothermal heat pump, the installation process may take a single afternoon or up to several weeks. This is because installing an air-source heat pump is as simple as installing an air conditioner, so it doesn’t take long. But a geothermal heat pump involves a much more technical approach, as it requires installation below the ground around your home. Aire Serv is qualified and ready to perform either type of installation.

To make sure the job is done right, our team will check for installation requirements first, such as a large enough plot and quality subsoil. Once we install the unit, the landscape surrounding it will also need redesign.

Heat Pump Replacement

If you need a full residential heat pump replacement, Aire Serv’s experienced service technicians will be there to guarantee your new installment works efficiently. The various types and models of heat pumps also require maintenance, which may include replacing individual components. Our team is continuously trained on modern systems so we can effectively replace filters, refrigerants, valves, and more.

If you keep running into problems with your heat pump, such as inadequate home heating or suddenly high utility bills, you can reach out to Aire Serv, and we’ll provide quality troubleshooting assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Heat pump vs. furnaces—what’s better?

Unlike a furnace, an electric heat pump doesn’t create heat—instead, it shifts warm air from the outdoors to the indoors using a refrigerant. But if you’re living in colder climate where a heat pump cannot feasibly move warm air inside, then a better fit may be a furnace or boiler that produces heat internally.

Residential heat pump troubleshooting:

Having trouble with your heat pump? It might be time for a replacement if:

  • Your heat pump is 10 years or older.
  • You notice any strange or uncommon sounds.
  • Your heating or cooling is inconsistent throughout your home.
  • You’ve had frequent, or very costly, repairs.
  • Your utility bill has increased significantly due to your heat pump.

How much do heat pumps cost?

Cost depends on the type of unit. An air-source heat pump is much easier to install, and the cost will be similar to that of an air conditioner. A ground-source heat pump will be about three to six times more expensive to install, due to the reconstruction process, but will reduce costs over time because of energy efficiency.

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