Professional Water Heater Installation

Frustrated with your water heater’s performance? The service professionals from Aire Serv® can repair a water heater that’s acting up or replace an outdated model. We’ve got the expertise to make replacing a water heater a safe, affordable, and quality experience.

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Signs You Have a Broken Water Heater

Different signs indicate when a tankless, electric, or gas water heater’s not working. If any of these red flags show up, it’s time to call in the pros for a look.

  1. No hot water (in all or part of your home)
  2. Running out of hot water more quickly
  3. Only cool or lukewarm water
  4. Discolored or smelly water
  5. Water heater leaks
  6. Noises from your tank
  7. Decreasing water pressure
  8. Your unit is old (about 7-10 years for a traditional tank model, or 20 years for a tankless model)

We perform repairs on broken water heaters, including parts replacement, flushing your tank, or repairing leaky pipes. However, you may choose to get your heater replaced instead. If you’re dealing with frequent repairs on an inefficient older model, consider replacing the unit. And if you frequently run out of hot water, consider upgrading to a bigger tank size.

Common Water Heater Problems We Repair

We understand that it’s a priority to get your water running correctly as soon as possible. We can repair water heaters for issues like:

  • A broken thermostat. A faulty thermostat in a water heater can lead to water running cold or not heating up properly. If your water is running too hot, set the thermostat to 120°F, not higher.
  • A faulty heating element. Ice cold or lukewarm water coming from your faucets? Your water heater might not be heating up due to a failing heating element.
  • No power. Have an electric water heater? First, check to see if the circuit breaker has tripped. If not, the problem could be your wires instead of your pipes. A professional inspection will tell you whether you need water heater repair or electrical services.
  • Leaks and puddles. There are plenty of things that can cause your water heater to leak. You can tighten loose heating element bolts yourself. A professional should repair faulty parts like a broken gasket, stuck valve, or bad temperature and pressure release valve. If your water heater’s begun to corrode, it’s at the end of its lifespan and needs replacing.
  • Rusty, smelly, or metallic water. Rust points to a tank starting to corrode, while smelly water often means bacterial growth. If flushing the tank doesn’t resolve the smell, hire a service professional to expertly replace a deteriorating tank or old anode rod. If your water smells like rotten eggs specifically, it’s another sign your anode rod is failing.
  • Sediment buildup. This can lead to odd noises from your water heater or water that heats too slowly. You can also start getting sand or other particulates coming from your faucet. Flushing the tank yearly often prevents or resolves this issue.
  • Pilot light and burner issues. Whether your pilot light won’t light or your burner constantly goes out, our service professionals can address several possible root causes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my water heater is broken enough to need repair or replacement?

Troubleshoot by checking the thermostat settings, tightening heating element bolts, and checking your circuit breakers. How will you know when to replace your water heater rather than having it repaired? If you’re having trouble and quick fixes aren’t working, our service professionals will recommend repair or replacement.

What is the cost of a residential water heater?

The cost of replacing a water heater depends on whether you choose gas or electric, a tankless or traditional tank model, along with the layout and hookups available in your home. We’re happy to provide you with a personalized quote and water heater recommendations based on your lifestyle.

How to shower when the water heater is broken:

Skip the shower for a bath. Fill your tub partially full using the faucet, then top off with a few kettles of boiling water from the stove. Add hot water until your bath reaches a comfortable temperature. If a bath isn’t an option, mix cold and boiling water in a bucket or bowl and wipe down with a washcloth and soap.

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