Commercial Refrigeration Repair and Service

Many businesses and organizations have commercial-grade refrigeration systems that they rely on. So when a system breaks at a hospital, college, restaurant, or other business, it can be detrimental, to say the least.  

To save the contents of your failing commercial refrigeration system, count on Aire Serv® service professionals for service that’s quick and efficient.  

Keep your business running smoothly with Aire Serv’s commercial refrigeration services. Call us or request an appointment online. 

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Systems We Service 

We work with all makes and models of common commercial refrigeration systems:   

  • Reach-in freezers and refrigerators 
  • Walk-in refrigerators 
  • Cold prep tables 
  • Pastry display refrigerators 
  • Bar refrigerators 
  • Wine refrigerators 
  • Over-counter refrigerators 
  • Grocery store refrigerators  
  • Foodservice refrigeration 

Commercial Refrigeration Repair 

A broken commercial refrigeration system is most often an emergency concern. When your business relies on continuous, proper cooling that’s suddenly not there for you, a quick and efficient repair is vital.  

Though repairs may be different depending on your specific system type, some of the common issues we provide commercial refrigeration repair service for are: 

  • Water leaks 
  • Seal leaks 
  • Temperature control issues 
  • Drain blockage 
  • Compressor motor failure 

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Service and Tips 

Commercial refrigeration equipment endures a lot of heavy wear and tear, so in order to minimize repairs and maximize lifespan, schedule regular maintenance service.  

Some maintenance services that Aire Serv provides to help prevent the need for future repairs are: 

  • Air filter replacement/cleaning 
  • Drain pans and tubes cleaning 
  • Condenser coil cleaning 
  • Checking gaskets for leaks 
  • Checking refrigerant levels  
  • Checking wiring connections 

Some preventive maintenance tasks that you can regularly perform are: 

  • Exterior/interior cleaning 
  • Checking and removing vent blockage 
  • Keeping unit dry 
  • Keeping unit well organized for better air circulation 

Find Commercial Refrigeration Repair Near Me 

When you need emergency commercial refrigeration repair, trust Aire Serv. We understand a failing system is urgent and costly, so we offer anytime service, upfront pricing, and no overtime charge. Call us or request an appointment online today.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often should my commercial refrigerator or freezer be serviced? 

The frequency of service will depend on the brand, size, and use of your system. We recommend having your refrigeration equipment serviced once per quarter, at a minimum.  

How to clean commercial refrigerator condenser coils: 

Unplug the refrigeration system and grab a vacuum and a wire brush. First, use the vacuum to remove dust from the ventilation panel that covers the coils. After removing the panel, use the vacuum on the condenser coils themselves. Next, use a stiff wire brush and soapy water to scrub away dust, mold, or grease. If needed, use a small amount of degreaser. 

What temperature should a commercial refrigerator be set at? 

According to the Food and Drug Administration, commercial refrigeration systems are required to be set at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The colder the temperature, the lower the chance that harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella will grow. Check your refrigerator temperature throughout the business day and consider investing in automated temperature monitoring solutions with 24/7 alerts.  

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