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Want to save on monthly energy bills and your energy consumption? Geothermal heating and cooling is a powerful solution! You can take advantage of one of the most overlooked resources: the heat underneath your home. Though the temperatures outside may dramatically fluctuate throughout the year, the temperature of the ground under your home typically remains the same. Even if it is freezing above ground, you can still benefit from the heat underneath your house.

How Do Geothermal Systems Work?

One of the great things about this type of system is that it can be used year-round. A geothermal system works by circulating heat between your house and the ground, capitalizing on this natural resource. During the winter, the system will bring warmth from the ground and circulate throughout your house. This is similar to how a heat pump works!

When it’s summertime, the system can be used in reserve. The geothermal system will take the heat from inside your house and move it underground, where it will stay cooler. The fluid that creates this heat transfer, known as cooler refrigerant, will then be circulated throughout your house, allowing cool air to blow through.

Great for the Environment, Better for Your Budget

Did you know that geothermal systems can reduce your utility expenses by as much as 80 percent? That means you get improved comfort at an affordable price—much less than a typical electric or gas-powered system.

Some of the advantages of geothermal systems include:

  • Significantly reduces your energy bills
  • No burning of fossil fuels
  • Year-round, environmentally friendly comfort
  • Local rebates and tax credits available
  • Minimal maintenance and long lifespan
  • Quiet, clean, and safe inside your home

Federal Rebates & Tax Credit

The federal government has recognized the environmental and fiscal benefits of geothermal heating and cooling, offering rebates and tax credits to homes that replace a traditional heating / cooling system with a geothermal system. Through 2016, a 30% federal tax credit is being offered, which covers up to 30% of the installation costs!

Contact Aire Serv if you would like to learn more about installing a geothermal heating and cooling system.

  • Age - If your AC is more than 10 years old and giving you trouble, it could be time to consider a replacement.

  • Investment cost - Is a new system financially smarter in the long run than paying for repair? An Aire Serv air conditioner contractor can help you calculate your return on investment to determine whether an upgrade is financially worthwhile in the long run.

  • Utility rates - You may think you can’t afford an air conditioner replacement, but a more efficient unit consumes less electricity and could save you big time on energy bills.

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