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Ductless Split AC Systems

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Ductless split AC units are a definite step-up from the standard central air unit. Are you interested in learning more about these units? Our AC experts at Aire Serv® can answer your questions and help you determine whether or not a ductless split AC system is the right choice for you.

Differences Between Ductless Split AC Systems
& Standard Central Air Units

While both units have outside condensing units and copper tubing that runs inside, the similarities fade beyond that. The cool air is not delivered through ducts, but through a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted blower unit. Several indoor blower units can operate separately in different rooms connected to one outdoor condenser.

These units have three basic advantages over conventional central air conditioners:

  • Advantage #1: Control – With several indoor blower units, you can essentially create a zoned cooling system. Each indoor unit can operate independently of the others, so seldom-used rooms don’t have to be cooled until they're needed. If one room requires extra cooling at a specific time of day, that blower can cool independently from the rest of the building. When all rooms are occupied, setting the thermostat to the same temperature on all the units eliminates changes in temperature when leaving one area to enter another. You set the controls for maximum comfort and efficiency.

  • Advantage #2: Quiet Comfort – When normal central air comes on, there's usually an announcement by way of rattling ducts. Since ductless split AC units have none, the only announcement is the gentle delivery of cool air through the blowers. In addition, the outside unit can be located up to 50 feet away, reducing the outside compressor noise associated with central air units.

  • Advantage #3: Efficiency – As technology has advanced, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings have increased. Ductless split AC units are no exception. The law now requires a minimum rating of 13. These split units are quite efficient, with ratings in the mid-20s or higher. The higher the rating, the less electricity the equipment requires. An extra advantage is that air traveling through a network of ducts can lose as much as 40% of its cooling before reaching the indoor area. Since ductless split AC units emit air directly from the inside blower or air handler, there's no degradation of temperature and, therefore, no loss of cool air.

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The Advantages of These Units Don't Stop There

Ductless split AC units are quickly installed since only a three or four inch exterior wall opening is needed to connect the separate indoor and outdoor sections. There are also stand-alone blowers available, though the best circulation of cool air is achieved with the standard blowers.

Learn more about the benefits when you speak with our AC experts.

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If you are building an addition to your home and extending ducts is too costly or impractical, ductless AC units are hard to beat. Although higher than conventional window air conditioners, ductless splits are less costly than a standard heat pump and are also available as both heating and cooling units.

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