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Humidity is bad enough outdoors, but it can be unbearable to live inside a home with a humidity problem. Most experts agree that humidity levels should stay between 35% and 50% for ideal comfort. Indoor humidity levels above 50% can be detrimental to indoor air quality, your health and to the wood and drywall in your home.

Keep the humidity level of your home in check with help from Aire Serv®. Our technicians are skilled at installing, repairing, and maintaining whole house dehumidifiers. With the right dehumidifier, we can help you achieve within 1% of your personal ideal humidity level.

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What Is a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a device that removes moisture from the air. Both whole house and portable dehumidifiers work by drawing humid air over cold coils and forcing the humidity to condense into water droplets that collect in a basin attached to the unit – or directed down a floor drain with a hose. Portable dehumidifiers must be emptied by hand or connected via a hose to a sink or sump basin. Most whole home dehumidifiers have a drain, pipe, or hose connected to the unit for worry-free convenience. Check out this blog to learn more about the science behind your dehumidifier.

Why Are Dehumidifiers Important?

Excess moisture in the indoor air you breathe can contribute to health and home safety threats, including:

  • Respiratory infections
  • The proliferation or allergens
  • The growth of microbes, dust mites, fungi and mildew
  • Warped flooring, window frames, and furniture and damage to other building materials
  • Pests

Elevated levels of relative humidity can also contribute to the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. VOCs off-gas from paint, petroleum-based carpeting (nylon, polyester, acrylic), and composite wood, and are prevalent in newer and older homes alike. Elevated levels of relative humidity make carbon filters (used for filtering VOCs via a furnace or HEPA air filter) less effective, while simultaneously allowing more off-gassing of VOCs.

Using a portable dehumidifier in specific areas of your home or a whole home dehumidifier lowers the relative humidity in your home and reduces your family’s risk of VOC exposure.

When to Use a Dehumidifier

It’s unlikely that you will need to run a dehumidifier in your home year-round. Typically, a dehumidifier is most important during warm, rainy weather and during humid summer months.

If your home or any part of your home has a humidity reading of over 50%, we recommend installing or running a dehumidifier. Your local Aire Serv technician can take a reading or multiple readings throughout your home to determine what level of humidity is currently present.

Signs it’s time to invest in a dehumidifier include:

  • Mold and mildew growth on walls, ceilings or other surfaces
  • A musty smell throughout or in specific areas of the home
  • Condensation on the interior side of windows
  • Warping wood floors or furniture
  • Rotting wood
  • Water stains on ceilings and walls
  • Insects
  • ‘Stuffy’ or ‘clammy’ rooms
  • Increase in allergy symptoms

Trouble Spot: Humid Basements

Basements are notoriously damp, humid spaces. Your basement may be clammy or wet for a variety of reasons, including leaking groundwater, improperly vented appliances, and humid air from other parts of your home settling and condensing in a relatively cooler basement.

It’s particularly important to install and maintain dehumidifiers in basements to keep your basement free of pests and mold.

Trouble Spot: Humid Bathrooms

Your bathroom is likely the most humidity-prone room in your house—and for good reason. Hot baths and steamy showers create humidity. While a whole home dehumidifier will help reduce the overall humidity of the bathroom, it’s important to properly vent each bathroom in your home with a fan that vents the moist air outside your house to protect your bathroom and attic from mold and mildew.

Learn more about home ventilation best practices here, on the Aire Serv blog.

Whole Home Dehumidifier vs. Portable Dehumidifier—What Do I Need?

Choosing a dehumidifier that’s right for you is very important. If you choose a portable humidifier that’s too small, the basin will fill quickly, requiring you to empty it frequently. Choose a portable humidifier that’s too big, and you may be buying more than you need, plus it may be noisy.

It’s also important to choose carefully between investing in multiple portable humidifiers or a single whole home dehumidifier to solve your humidity issue. Whole house dehumidifiers are ideal for homes in humid climates, homeowners who want a “set it and forget it” type of appliance, and homeowners looking to increase the value of their home.

If you live in a relatively dry climate where a dehumidifier is only necessary a couple times a year, a whole home dehumidifier may be unnecessary.

What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need?

Dehumidifier size is determined by a calculation that takes into consideration the size and relative humidity of the space. Humidifier capacity is measured by pints pulled from the air per day, and portable dehumidifiers come in a variety of sizes, including 30-pint to 90+-pint dehumidifiers. Portable dehumidifiers tend to be smaller, with whole home dehumidifiers are bigger and designed to service an entire home.

Your local Aire Serv technician will take humidity readings in your home using a hygrometer. Using the humidity of the air and the square footage of your home, the technician will make a recommendation for a make and model that will best serve your needs.

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If you need help managing your home’s humidity level, you need Aire Serv. Our technicians pride themselves on providing homeowners HVAC and air quality services that let them breathe easy. Your local technician will work with you to determine if a whole home, HVAC integrated dehumidifier or a portable model is the best choice for your family. Your comfort is our priority.

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