Do I Need a Humidifier in My Home?

Humidifiers are key in the fight against dry air in homes. Proper humidification can reduce the occurrence of allergens and make air easier to breathe and even help to protect your home’s wood furnishings. However, a broken humidifier can cause excess humidity, creating additional problems, like mold growth, in your home.

Keep your home humidifier system in tip-top shape with help from your local Aire Serv®. We offer fast, reliable humidifier repair and replacement services.

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Humidifier Types We Service

Across the many brands and types of humidifiers, we service all, including:

Whole-house humidifiers:

  • Flow through
  • Drum

Portable humidifiers:

  • Evaporative
  • Steam
  • Warm mist
  • Impeller
  • Ultrasonic

Residential Humidifier Repair

Although regular maintenance and cleaning will help ensure your humidifier stays in good working order, systems may occasionally require repair over time. Odors of mold or mildew, banging noises, or inconsistent operation are all signs your humidifier requires service.

Common home humidifier repairs include:

  • Leaks or broken seals
  • Loose wiring or parts
  • Faulty humidistat, solenoid valve, or distribution tray
  • Malfunctioning fan, motor, belt, control board, or electrical setup
  • Clogs in the drain line, valves, or filters
  • Lack of lubrication

Whether these issues stem from improper care or wear and tear, you can rely on our team to help you repair your unit.  

Residential Humidifier Replacement

To ensure better air quality and humidity control in your home, it’s important to recognize when your humidifier is damaged beyond repair.

Signs your humidifier is beyond repair include:

  • A steady decrease in air quality (heightened allergies, dry air, musty smells)
  • Frequent or increasingly costly repairs
  • Difficult-to-remove mineral deposits forming
  • Decreased unit efficiency despite regular maintenance
  • Unit is over 10 years old

When replacing your unit, our team may identify a better unit type for your home. We’ll make recommendations on make, model, and use to ensure you’re getting the most out of your unit.

We can also assess your home in the warmer months to consider dehumidifier services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my humidifier smell musty?

Musty or unusual odors coming from your humidifier are likely caused by the buildup of dust, bacteria or mold inside the unit. For portable units, this often indicates the need to clean your humidifier or simply change the tank water. If you notice this issue with your whole home humidifier, it’s possible the drain line is clogged, the filter needs changing, or there is mold growth inside your ductwork. For these issues, call our service professionals for help.

Why is my humidifier not working?

If your humidifier isn’t working, it’s likely a result of one of these common issues:

  • Old or clogged filter
  • Low water levels
  • Loose parts or electrical
  • Dirty or jammed float valve

Simple troubleshooting or cleaning may initially resolve these issues. If your humidifier continues to malfunction, it’s best to call our professionals.

Why is my humidifier not misting?

The most common reasons your humidifier isn’t misting are:

  • No power
  • Grime and mineral buildup
  • Humidity settings are off
  • Float valve is loose, jammed, or broken

If these issues are not resolved by cleaning your unit, checking power connections, or adjusting settings, then you should contact your local Aire Serv.

How often do you replace humidifier filters?

Due to the amount of dust, grime, and potential mold buildup on your humidifier filters, we suggest you replace them at least once every 3 months. If you have more significant home pollutants, or higher allergy sensitivities, you may need to replace your filters more frequently.

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