Residential Radiator Repair and Replacement

Radiator systems are an efficient way to evenly heat your home. But when one or more units break, your boiler, plumbing, and comfort can suffer.

If you’re struggling with improper heating or unusual issues from one or more of your radiators, count on our service experts at Aire Serv® for quality radiator repair and replacement services.

For 24/7 emergency radiator repair service call (855) 679-0011 .

Radiator Systems We Service

We service all types of electric, oil, and gas-powered radiator systems including:

  • Steam heat
  • Hot water

Whether you have a portable, wall, or baseboard radiator, or a radiant floor system, our team has the skills and experience to correctly service your boiler system or problem radiator.

Home Radiator Repair

If you notice that your radiator system is leaking, not heating properly, or exuding strange noises or smells, it’s likely in need of repair.

Although repair services will differ based on system type, we often repair radiators that are exhibiting one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • System imbalance
  • Rusty exterior
  • Leaky valves or cracked exterior (turn off your system if water is leaking)
  • Faulty wiring or parts
  • Buildup on radiator, or connected boiler
  • Trapped air

To avoid water damage or costly issues with connected systems such as a boiler, it’s important to get radiator repairs serviced quickly and accurately. Our team at Aire Serv can get the job done and provide expert regular maintenance.

Home Radiator Replacement

Radiator replacement is advantageous for many homeowners—especially those with individual or multiple units that are aging or breaking down frequently.

Concerns that often lead to radiator replacement include:

  • Consistent uneven heating
  • Increased or costly repairs
  • Increased heating bills
  • Significant rust buildup
  • Multiple leaks
  • Heating capacity doesn’t meet home heating needs
  • Old age (10-20+ years)

Heating system and home heating needs change. If you find that one or more of your radiators no longer provides ample heating, our team can find a system to better suit your household.

For any additional system replacements such as your piping or boiler, we can help determine whether individual replacement or an entirely upgraded system is needed.

Find Home Radiator Repair Near Me

Struggling with a broken radiator? Choose Aire Serv for a guaranteed job done right. Call (855) 679-0011 or request an appointment online for radiator repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my radiator hissing?

Typically, a hissing radiator indicates that the air vent on your system is not closing properly to trap the steam. Often the reason for this issue is mineral or debris buildup. If you can physically identify this issue, remove the buildup with a water and vinegar solution. Otherwise, this could also indicate a faulty part or leak. If you cannot locate and resolve the issues, contact a service expert.

Why is one of my radiators not working?

If only one of your radiators isn’t working, it’s likely one of these issues:

  • Air pockets blocking circulation
  • Thermostat settings incorrect
  • Debris buildup or blockage
  • Valve or pipe leak

Some of these can be resolved with simple troubleshooting, such as bleeding your radiator, adjusting the thermostat, or removing buildup. For harder-to-resolve issues, contact a service expert.

How much does it cost to replace a home radiator?

A single unit replacement will likely cost anywhere between $700-1,500. For multiple radiators, replacement costs can reach $10,000 or more. This average is generally the same for most radiator system types, but it largely depends on your home size and system model. It’s best to consult with an expert to accurately fit your home budget and heating requirements when considering replacement.

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