Heater Service, Maintenance, and Cleaning

A reliable and efficient heater is essential for a comfortable household during the colder months. Making sure your heater is working properly is key to keeping energy costs low and comfort levels high. With just a little bit of planning and help from the heater repair experts at Aire Serv, you can keep your heater functioning better than ever throughout the winter. The services we provide will ensure that your home stays comfortable all season long.

Types of Heating Systems for Homes

There are various types of heating systems used in homes across America. Understanding your system will help you prioritize preventative maintenance and extend the life of your system. When you experience a breakdown and need to call a heater repair service, it pays to know how your system works. Here are just a few of the most common systems:

Forced Air

Also referred to as central heating, forced air systems are among the most popular types of home heating solutions. Air is heated in a furnace that is then blown or forced through ducts that run throughout the home. These systems can be powered by electricity, propane, fuel oil, or natural gas.


Boilers provide heat via hot water and steam. In many homes, boilers heat water for radiators. These radiators are usually located in each room, allowing for even heating throughout the space. Should you ever need a heater replacement, ask an HVAC expert about upgrading to a radiator and boiler system with a larger capacity to increase comfort levels while decreasing energy use.


Forced air distribution systems, or furnaces, are the most common type of heater used within the United States. These systems use electric motors to draw in fresh air before fanning it over a heating element or gas burner. The hot air heats up fast, and if you don’t have enough ventilation, this can create issues. If your furnace isn’t vented properly, you may notice condensation building up on your windows. You may also see rust on the grillwork on the front of your furnace. Of course, moisture isn’t the only problem that can arise from improper ventilation. Combustion byproducts like carbon monoxide may accumulate in your home and sicken residents. While these issues range from minor to serious, it’s important to remember that proper installation can mitigate most furnace problems. Heating system repairs can be kept to a minimum so long as adequate ventilation is in place.

Heat Pump

A heat pump uses an electric motor to convert cold air into heat that is distributed throughout your home. The drawback? Heat pumps are not effective when it’s very cold outside. The upside? You can use this system to heat and cool your home. These systems are most effective in mild climates that don’t experience extreme temperature changes.

Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless units are usually used in homes that lack adequate insulation. They are designed to send hot and cold water through a tube system in the walls to heat or cool your space. Since ductless mini-split systems rely on outdoor and indoor units to function, no ductwork is required.

What Are the Common Signs Your Heater Needs Repair?

It isn’t always obvious when heating system repairs are necessary. A lack of warm air is a surefire sign, but other red flags aren’t so obvious. If you’re uncertain whether your heating system is functioning properly, be on the lookout for higher utility bills. This is often the canary in the coal mine when it comes to heating issues. Strange noises, foul odors, and shorter heating cycles can also indicate there are issues with your system.

We’re often asked when a heater replacement is necessary. Generally speaking, if your system requires major service more than once or twice a year, it’s likely on its way out. Most heaters have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. While some homeowners may choose to ride out their existing unit until the last possible moment, it’s best to take a more proactive approach. Emergency heating repairs can be stressful and costly. Upgrading to a more efficient heating system before winter arrives is a good way to avoid an uncomfortable outage.

Heater Repair and Installation Trusted by Households in the US

“Who provides the best heating repairs near me?” The answer to this common question is based on experience, level of expertise, and service. Our heating professionals have experience and are experts at servicing and installing a wide variety of heating systems. This is why homeowners throughout the United States trust Aire Serv to diagnose issues, discuss repair options, and complete repairs to the highest standards. We work around the clock to deliver exceptional heater repair services when you need us most. The next time you find yourself without heat, call your local Aire Serv professional right away.

Choose Aire Serv Heater Repair Experts

Aire Serv’s licensed heating experts are available 24 hours a day to deliver residential heating repairs on a schedule that works best for you. Since we charge by the job, not the hour, you’re never surprised by unexpected charges or an expensive overtime bill. Instead, you’ll enjoy the warmth and comfort of a newly repaired or upgraded heater. To learn more, call us or schedule your appointment online today!

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