Importance of a furnace tune up and safety inspection

While Mid-Michigan has been enjoying record high temperatures, the last thing anybody wants to do is fire up their furnace. Scheduling a furnace tune up and safety inspection right now is even further from home-owner’s minds! You were tailgating in East Lansing without coats and gloves in Mid-October - not thinking about turning up thermostats.

As you enjoy these unseasonably warm temperatures, planning ahead with a furnace inspection and tune-up, before the temperatures plummet, is important. Not only will you have peace of mind that your furnace will be functioning when you need it, hiring a properly trained HVAC technician will ensure your home furnace is functioning safely.

What are the benefits of a furnace tune-up and safety inspection?

Seasonal HVAC and furnace tune-ups help to ensure your furnace will perform when you need it to.

Even if your system was functioning optimally at the end of last winter, an annual home furnace inspection can catch small concerns before they develop into larger, more costly repairs, or worse, untimely failures. Along with the maintenance, cleaning the mechanical parts will increase the longevity of your furnace and ensure its optimal operation.

Inspect your entire heating system to ensure it operates safely

The combustible nature of home fuel burning furnaces can lead to gas leaks and even carbon monoxide exposure. Regular inspections will keep concerns for your family’s safety at bay. Inspecting the flue pipe, pressure switch operation, and tightening all the electrical connections are examples of routine maintenance that can protect against system failure. And most importantly, keep your family safe.

Increased benefits of furnace tune-up and safety inspections:

Reduce the cost of your heating bills through increased energy efficiency

Cleaning your system helps keep it performing efficiently. Dust, dirt and other airborne home debris can make your furnace components work harder and run longer. Changing air filters helps retain high air quality in your home and ensures proper airflow which enables your furnace to run more efficiently.

Reduce repair costs when small problems are found early

Along with cleaning your furnace to ensure it will run optimally, technicians may find small problems during a preventive maintenance call that could lead to more costly repairs in the future, if not addressed.

Protect your warranty

Seasonal furnace inspections not only reduce the likelihood of your heat failing, regular inspections can also keep your warranty intact. Most brand name furnaces come with limited warranties and neglecting to care for the system mechanicals can void a warranty resulting in unnecessary expenses.

Go ahead and enjoy the last warm days of Michigan’s Indian summer, but be sure to plan ahead. Keep your family safe and warm in the months ahead while extending the life of your furnace. Schedule an inspection, by a certified Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning technician, to ensure your entire home furnace system is working properly all-season long.

Call us at Aire Serv today to schedule your tune-up and safety inspection. Don’t wait, if you contact us before November 30, 2017 you can save $40 on the best tune-up in town! This offer is valid on gas furnace tune-up & safety inspections. Offer is not valid on previous purchases and is for owner-occupied residence only. Removal and cleaning of blower assembly (if required) is not included. Remember to call for your appointment before November 30, 2017 to get your discount!

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