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7 Warning Signs You Need Furnace Repair (and How to Find the Best Services!)

Winter's right around the corner. It's almost time for that furnace to kick into action. But before that time arrives, you had better make sure that it's healthy and ready to go.

Wondering how to determine this? By looking out for specific signs, of course. So, without further ado, here are 7 warning signs you need furnace repair.

1. Your Furnace is Making Unusual Noises

One sign that your furnace needs repair is that it's making unusual noises. These noises run the gamut from banging noises to squeaking noises to grinding noises and more. Allowing them to persist could result in serious problems.

Generally speaking, squeaking noises indicate worn-down bearings in the blower motor. Note, though, that they could also indicate problems with the inducer motor.

Banging noises typically come about due to a dirty combustion chamber. Because the chamber isn't clean, it traps gases. These gases eventually ignite, leading to a small explosion, thus the banging noise.

Grinding noises generally come about due to something being broken or loose. This is a mechanical problem, one that will need to be fixed by a professional HVAC specialist.

2. Your Thermostat Isn't Consist With the Temperatures Being Produced

You set your thermostat for 72 degrees. The only problem is that it's not 72 degrees. In fact, it's not even close; it's either remarkably hotter or remarkably colder.

If this is happening, there's undoubtedly something wrong. It could be your thermostat itself or it could be the sensors on your furnace. In either case, you're advised to bring in an HVAC specialist for a repair.

3. You Smell Gas

The biggest sign that there's something wrong with your furnace is that you smell gas. A gas smell not only indicates that your furnace is dysfunctional, but that it could become dangerous at any time.

First, make sure to shut off your main gas line. This will stop the flow of gas, reducing the risk of tragedy.

Once you've shut off your main line, leave your house and call your gas company. They'll send someone out to your home to make necessary repairs. Don't, under any circumstances, try to fix the problem on your own; doing so could be very dangerous.

After the gas leak has been fixed, you should call up an HVAC company. They'll be able to determine whether there's something wrong with your furnace and, if necessary, will make repairs.

4. Your Furnace Isn't Producing Hot Air

A sure sign that you need furnace repair is that your furnace isn't producing hot air. After all, the whole point of a furnace is to produce, well, heat.

There could be a number of reasons as to why your furnace isn't operating as expected. However, one of the most common causes of this problem is a dirty air filter. If the filter becomes dirty, the furnace will take on too much stress and will shut down.

Other potential issues include a bad thermostat, clogged ducts, and a faulty furnace motor. In any case, you're advised to make use of professional furnace repair services. They'll assess the problem, find its source, and make any necessary heating service fixes.

5. Your Carbon Monoxide Monitor is Going Off

If you don't have a carbon monoxide detector installed, you should install one as soon as possible. Why? Because furnaces produce carbon monoxide, and if something goes wrong, that carbon monoxide could enter your home, creating a very dangerous situation.

See, carbon monoxide is essentially poisonLink opens in a new tab. It can kill human beings, and it can do so before they even know what's going on. So, if you ever hear your carbon monoxide detector go off, you need to take action immediately.

First, get out of the house. Then, call 911. The authorities will come to your home and handle the problem so that your residence is safe to be in again.

Once you've done this, call your local HVAC company and have them take a look at your furnace. They might be able to make a repair. On the other hand, a full replacement might be needed instead.

6. Your Furnace is Emitting Strange Smells

Furnaces aren't meant to emit any odors. They're designed to contain all of the substances that pass through them. As such, if you detect any odors coming from your furnace, you need to call up your HVAC repair technician as soon as possible.

This could be a minor issue with little cause for concern. On the other hand, it could be the sign of an oil leak. In either case, you want a professional to assess the situation so that you can take the right course of action.

7. Your Rooms Possess Different Temperatures

Furnaces use duct systems to pass warm air all over their respective homes. In a good furnace system, this will ensure consistent temperatures from room to room. In a bad furnace system, this could result in different temperatures from room to room.

Generally speaking, when you're experiencing the latter, it's because your air ducts are clogged. When dust and debris build within the ducts, they restrict airflow to certain areas. As such, some rooms end up getting more heat than do others.

The only fix for this is to have the ducts cleaned. Though you could attempt to clean themLink opens in a new tab on your own, you might find that it's a cumbersome task. Instead, it might be a better option to call the best furnace repair company in your area.

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