Signs That You May Need an Air Conditioner Replacement

Need air conditioner replacement
Regular maintenance and repair of your AC extends its life and ensures it serves you efficiently. But it comes a time when your air conditioner becomes too old that a repair is a waste of money and time. An old cooling system is not efficient enough and tends to hike your utility bills.

An AC unit is estimated to last 7 to 15 years, with the HVAC system going up to 20 years if well-maintained. After these years have elapsed, you don't need someone to tell you that you need to do some air conditioner replacement. You'll notice with time that the system no longer works as before.

Besides old age, there are telltale signs that should tell you it's time for a replacement. This article outlines other signs you need to check to replace your AC.

High Energy Bills Call for Air Conditioner Replacement

You've stayed in your house long enough to know the average amount you'll spend on the utility bills every month. This means if your energy bills go higher than normal, you have something to worry about. The cooling system consumes the largest energy portion, but this doesn't have to be extreme.

With many years of wear and tear, there's no doubt your HVAC system will have to work harder than normal. Working harder also means high energy consumption.

But you won't know if your cooling system is behind the high energy consumption unless you do an energy audit in your home. With the audit, you'll find out whether the problem results from air leaks, insulation, or old cooling equipment. Call for an immediate replacement if your AC is the culprit.

AC Produces Strange Sound

Unusual noise from your cooling equipment can be a nuisance, and it also means there's a big problem. Well, your AC might have been producing some sounds before when operating. But if you hear a new, louder, and sudden noise, then you should work on fixing the problem.

One of the problems can be the electric point in some components, which cause the outdoor unit to click and refuse to come on. If the outside fan is blocked, you'll also hear clicking sounds. Squealing and screeching noises indicate a fan belt problem and bad bearing in the fan motor, respectively.

It's No Longer Comfortable in Your House

When summer heat knocks, all you need is some cool air. You depend on your AC to ensure you don't sweat at night and can comfortably stay indoors during the day. But that's not going to be possible with a faulty air conditioner.

If your AC doesn't keep you cool anymore and your home feels more humid, you need a replacement. Sometimes you feel that some rooms in your house are not properly cooled due to uneven temperatures from your cooling system. Call your Austin AC repair contractors to determine the cause of the problem and offer advice.

Too Many Prior AC Repairs

It's not bad to repair your HVAC system, but when it reaches a point where you've become close buddies with your repairman, then there's a problem. If you've been calling the AC professionals at least twice a year, then it's time you think of a getting new equipment.

Sometimes you may need some air conditioner replacement parts to replace the components that cause trouble. But multiple AC repair services over time can be inconveniencing and expensive. One of the signs you need to do some AC replacement is the frequency of the repairs.

Get Air Conditioner Replacement if It Emits Odors

Even if your air conditioner is running as required, strange odors always mean trouble. If you can smell some mustiness or moldy smells, then your AC might need a replacement. Burning odors from your cooling components also most likely calls for new equipment.

The good thing to do if you notice that your AC is producing strange smells is to have them checked immediately. Acting swiftly can help save your entire system from damage. But if it still smells even after a repair, then it means you need a new AC installation right away.

You're Getting Warm Air From the Vents

Imagine leaning towards your cooling vent to get some cool air through your skin, only to be greeted with warm air. If you can feel some warm air coming from the vents, it will only be a matter of time before the whole house heats up.

Sometimes warm air may mean a compressor issue. Other times it could mean low refrigerant levels. This can also mean issues with the air ducts, which allow warm air from outside to come inside the house.

Whatever the case, you should know that your cooling system is damaged and needs to be serviced or replaced. You need to start looking for an air conditioner replacement near me to do the job.

Replace Your AC if It Needs a Major Repair

Some parts in your air conditioner system cost too much, that repairing can be a huge expense. Sometimes the system is too old, and the warranty period has elapsed. You have no option but to dig into your pockets to buy and replace the expensive parts.

One of the parts that can call for huge repair bills is the compressor from the outdoor unit. If you have this problem and your air conditioner is old enough, doing a replacement can be a great alternative. You don't have to risk replacing the damaged part only for the system to stop working.

Save the Day by Replacing Your AC

Still, asking whether it's time for air conditioner replacement? Well, the above telltale signs should be enough indication that you shouldn't hold on to the system any longer. You can't allow an old or a faulty air conditioner to deny you the comfort that you badly need during the hot summer months.

So, if you've decided that doing a replacement will be the best option for your AC, AireServ will be here for you. Get to work with a trusted name to help maintain, repair, and install new AC systems in your commercial and residential premises. Contact us today, and let's get to work.