Ranked as one of the best places to live in Texas, Fate has faithfully earned its name. As an ever-growing suburb of Dallas, the population has risen to 20,000 and still offers its residents a friendly, rural vibe. Over 90 percent of young professionals and families own their homes and know the hard work of maintaining a healthy HVAC system. Knowing the hot, muggy summers all too well, you want to ensure your home is safe and comfortable. However, it’s not a walk in the park when you have to take care of technical issues related to your HVAC.

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Fate TX homeowners need regular maintenance and expert inspection from licensed HVAC professionals. At Aire Serv of Rockwall, we are dedicated to serving Fate residents and nearby communities with reliable heating & cooling services that range from annual tune-ups to HVAC repair or replacement. As a locally-owned and operated business, we only hire the most experienced service professionals that have passed their background checks and drug screens. The positive feedback that we receive from our customers motivates us to go above and beyond to meet their needs. Therefore, we are proud to be your trusted Fate HVAC company for AC, heating service and other HVAC requirements.

Air Conditioning Services in Fate, TX

It’s said that, besides a roof and a floor, owning air conditioning in Fate counts only as a bare minimum for what is part of a comfortable home. With Texas ranked as one of the top five hottest states, it makes sense that an AC unit is a necessity to deal with the summer heat. The subtropical climate is known to cause heat strokes and, in some cases, even cause sudden deaths. We believe that routine air conditioning service is crucial to staying safe throughout the peak season. Your Fate HVAC service professional has a seasonal checklist of preventative maintenance tasks to help you stay on top of everything. An air conditioning unit is made of many important parts, and to better understand their functions, we recommend familiarizing yourself with them.

How Do Air Conditioning Systems Work?

Your AC is designed to take heat and humidity out of the existing indoor air and convert it into cooled air by using a refrigerant. Some people believe it absorbs exterior air, which is not the case. It’s highly recommended that windows are closed when your AC is in operation. The important parts and their functions include:

  • Filter: It’s hard to think of any systems that don’t require a clean filter to catch debris and other unwanted substances. In HVAC, filters are a necessity for unrestricted airflow. Your AC filter catches airborne particles to keep your indoor air quality healthy.
  • Evaporator: Evaporator coils are the two panels that form an A-shaped roof near the air handler by the blowing fan. Those metal coils are designed to help the refrigerant absorb heat and remove humidity.
  • Blower fan: The fan circulates air over the chilled evaporator coils and distributes cool air into your home.
  • Condenser: Condenser coils vent the collected, heated air to the outside. It’s typically the large square unit outside your home that works in conjunction with the interior unit.
  • Compressor: Also located in the outdoor unit, the compressor is a pump that moves the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coils to cool the indoor air.
  • Expansion valve: When the compressor pulls cool, liquid refrigerant through the evaporator coil, it first passes through an expansion valve which is designed to reduce pressure from the refrigerant. This valve also controls how much refrigerant enters the evaporator coil.
  • Exterior fan: Your outdoor unit has an in-built fan that blows air over the condenser to dissipate heated air.
  • Thermostat: Your thermostat is a control system that allows you to regulate your indoor temperature.
  • Condensation drain: When your coils convert humidity into liquid, the liquid flows into a pan from where it will flow down a drain line to remove excess moisture from your home.

Signs You Need AC Repair:

No one knows your home and systems better than you. In the event of any warning signs or inconsistencies regarding the HVAC, Fate, TX homes are susceptible to system failure if these signs are ignored:

  • Warm air
  • Restricted airflow
  • High humidity
  • Strange noises in system
  • Bad odors
  • System leaks
  • Cycling

How Can A Fate HVAC Service Professional Help?

Do you have a list of concerns that you’d like to share with your Fate HVAC service professional? With summer around the corner, this is the best time to take preventative measures and leave the maintenance service tasks to the professionals. Whether your AC is reaching its lifespan or has unreliable parts you want exchanged, your Fate HVAC service professional can run a detailed diagnosis to give you a clearer answer as to what the underlying issue is. We provide trusted AC repair and maintenance services that will ensure your unit will keep you cool throughout the summer. Relevant services include:

  • Replacing filter
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Detecting refrigerant leak
  • Refrigerant evacuation
  • Sealing leaky ductwork
  • Inspecting electronic control sequence
  • Inspecting electric terminals
  • Measuring overall airflow through the coils
  • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning
  • Drain line inspection
  • Checking compressor’s oil level
  • Checking thermostat’s accuracy
  • Inspecting air register

Your Fate HVAC service professional recommends that you schedule an annual inspection and maintenance appointment before high summer to check for efficiency. If you diligently change your filter and clean your blower fan, you’ll be in a better position than most!

Pro Tip: Your AC has dehumidifying abilities that keep moisture levels in indoor air low but adding an additional dehumidifier to your home will guarantee a healthier and more comfortable environment on extremely muggy days in Fate. These two systems will practically supplement each other.

Heating Services in Fate, TX

It’s a misconception that Texas is a desert state. Despite the subtropical climate, the northern part has distinct seasons of hot and muggy, along with cold and wet. The so-called Arctic cold front has hit Texas several times in the past and is likely to cause more trouble as climate change continues to cause trouble globally. Fall seasons in Fate tend to be short, during which winterization should be on your preparation list for your HVAC. Fate, TX homeowners may not know where to start because how often is the furnace used? Do you simply turn it on and let it do its magic? In fact, there is some prep work and professional services that we highly recommend:

Air Duct Cleaning Services

You might not think about it because you don’t see it, but your ducts collect a lot of dust, pollen and debris during the long summer months. Your AC and furnace likely share the same air vents, and since your duct network’s purpose is to lead air that gets sucked through the vents to the furnace, airborne particles will settle on the interior of your duct walls.

When your furnace distributes heated air, your ducts are responsible for filtering and circulating that heated air throughout your home in Fate; moreover, you want that air to be clean. Your Fate HVAC service professionals receive many duct cleaning requests towards the end of summer or early fall. This way, you won’t have to worry about your furnace blowing any pollutants into your living space.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning:

  • Reduces dust pollution
  • Removes musty smells and other odors
  • Reduces asthma symptoms
  • Promotes HVAC system’s efficiency
  • Helps save on utility bills
  • Keeps your home safe

What Is A Furnace Tune-Up?

It’s essentially a preventative maintenance service during which we inspect and optimize your heating system with minor adjustments and repairs to ensure it operates flawlessly. Small or major HVAC repair services are part of our preventative measures that include replacing small parts like the burner assemblies or blower wheels. If your ducts are older than 15 years and an inspection shows deteriorating parts, we will recommend a replacement to promote a better working HVAC. Fate, TX homeowners who already take good care of their furnace by regularly changing out filters will benefit additionally from furnace tune-ups. Your Fate HVAC service professional will make sure you are protected from unexpected breakdowns and increased energy bills. Here is what to expect during an annual tune-up appointment:

  • Lubricating motors and fans (with silicone lubricant)
  • Inspecting fan belts
  • Inspecting your heat exchanger
  • Testing your exhaust system
  • Testing carbon monoxide levels
  • Checking for gas leaks
  • Checking burner for corrosion
  • Combustion analysis
  • Adjusting your gas pressure level
  • Cleaning your condensate pump and drain line
  • Changing furnace filter
  • Calibrating or replacing thermostat
  • Tightening electrical connections

Your Fate HVAC service professional will be transparent during his inspection and examine your unit’s age, energy efficiency and check for any potential safety hazards. Often, they will suggest an energy audit that will assess your home’s overall insulation that includes your walls, attic insulation and trim work. All that should adequately back your HVAC system.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Fate, TX

Learn about the important warning signs that impact your HVAC. Fate, TX homeowners can prevent a lot of trouble if they act early upon:

  • Low-quality air: Change your furnace filter and check if your blower fan motor is covered in debris.
  • Faulty thermostat: A fluctuating thermostat can cause your unit to cycle. We recommend replacing it unless you’ve had a power outage during which your thermostat might have reset itself. To avoid the blower from running continuously, ensure the settings are at AUTO, not ON.
  • Pilot flame sensor out: Carbon buildup can trigger corrosion over time. If your pilot light is off, it’s a safety mechanism to ensure your furnace doesn’t release dangerous gasses while not in operation.

Pro Tip: We recommend installing ceiling fans in your home if you haven’t already. They may appear old-fashioned to some people, but they serve wonders in backing your HVAC system. When set counterclockwise, it sends down a cool breeze to the ground to keep your indoor temperature agreeable. On the other hand, clockwise at a low speed in the winter will prevent heated furnace air from escaping too fast. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can save on monthly cooling & heating costs and the services we provide to make that happen!

Commercial Fate HVAC Service Professionals

Business owners in Fate are responsible for the safety of their employees and visitors, which means that a comfortable temperature and clean indoor air quality are important components to a safe work environment, whether you own a retail shop or are in charge of corporate businesses. We’re here to help you keep your heating & AC in check!

Fate HVAC Installation

When requiring experts in HVAC, Fate TX business owners can count on our expert team to efficiently assess their commercial space’s needs and correctly size the desired system. Your Fate HVAC service professionals will help you choose an energy-efficient product and ductwork that will guarantee a hassle-free HVAC installation process.

When To Consider HVAC Replacement

As a business owner, you may not be aware of your HVAC’s old age until recurring system breakdowns turn your world upside down. The idea of HVAC replacement service is to promote efficiency, lower energy costs and, lastly, give you peace of mind. Frequent repairs aren’t just a nuisance but cost money. Whether you need AC repair or other commercial HVAC services in Fate TX, we are your team to help enhance your indoor comfort.

Types of Commercial AC Systems

In the commercial environment, you will find the following types:

  • Single-Split: This type is ideal for smaller spaces like a coffee shop or antique store.
  • Ductless Mini-Split: If you don’t have ductwork, a ductless mini-split is a wall-mounted evaporator unit that conveniently connects to an outdoor condenser.
  • Multi-split: This is a larger unit that operates best in commercial environments with multiple floors.

Fate HVAC Emergency – 24/7

You can’t ever predict a furnace or AC breakdown. It can happen in the middle of the night during a cold spell or a heatwave. Aire Serv of Rockwall provides emergency HVAC. Fate, TX homeowners can rest easy knowing that we don’t charge overtime fees for emergency services because your safety and comfort come first.

Unlike independent contractors, our emergency service is available 24/7 to help Fate homeowners on nights, weekends and holidays, promoting clean air and a balanced temperature. Whether you need air conditioning repair or heater repair, your reliable Fate HVAC service professionals will act fast in diagnosing root causes and providing an efficient repair or replacement service.

Do You Need HVAC Repairs in Fate? Count On Aire Serv of Rockwall!

Count on the team of professionals at Aire Serv of Rockwall for efficient service and expert workmanship. Each of our service professionals has passed their background check program and brings many years of experience providing a wide range of HVAC services, including routine maintenance, indoor air quality service and much more.

Whether you're in Fate, TX or a nearby area such as Royse City, Lavon or Nevada, there is no need to search further for an expert “HVAC near me” as you can rely on your Fate HVAC service professionals to get the job done right, with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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