How to Increase Airflow Through Vents

Vent with blue fabric
Have you noticed that the airflow from your HVAC vents isn’t what it used to be? If the airflow has diminished, it means the cooled or warmed air from your HVAC system isn’t making its way into your home efficiently. Low airflow means your house is either too hot, because the cold air isn’t getting circulated, or too cold because the warm air from the furnace can’t get through. Wondering how to increase air flow through vents in your house? You’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ll look at four common causes of low airflow from HVAC vents. Read on to learn how you can improve your HVAC system air flow.

Cause #1: The Air Filter

Your air filter is the gatekeeper to your HVAC system. It catches and traps the dust, dirt, pollen, and other airborne particles before they can get into your heating and cooling system. Not only does it keep your indoor air cleaner, but it protects your HVAC equipment from getting clogged with dirt and debris.

If the air filter is clogged or dirty, or if the filter is the wrong fit and is too narrow, you may notice a weak airflow from vents in your house. A clogged filter means that the system has to work harder to pull in the same amount of air. This not only affects your energy efficiency, but it also compromises the flow through the system and out through your vents. Regular tune-ups to your system can prevent this problem and reduce the chance of airflow issues.

Cause #2: Duct Leakage

If your ducts have any cracks, holes, or seams that leak air, it can affect your airflow. Instead of blowing steadily and consistently through the ducts and out the vents, the air escapes through those cracks and reduces the amount of air that makes it to the vents.

Cause #3: Undersized or Oversized Ductwork

Your ducts are the channels through which the heated or cooled air flows to the vents. They’re what gets that air into your home. If the ducts are too big, the air gets lost on its way to the vents. If the ducts are too small, the HVAC system can’t effectively push the air out. Whether too big or too small, improperly sized ducts will affect your airflow.

Cause #4: Too Few Return Vents

Imagine trying to water your lawn with a soaker hose that only has a few holes in it. The water can push and push, but it can’t get out anyplace but those holes. If you have too few return vents in your home, you’re going to have the same problem with your airflow. The HVAC system will heat or cool enough air, but it only has a few ways to get into the rooms in your home.

Improve HVAC Air Flow with Help from Aire Serv

You don’t have to suffer in an uncomfortably warm or cool home. If you have issues with the airflow through the vents in your home, contact your local Aire Serv. You can breathe easy knowing our expert technicians are on the job. Call (855) 259-2280 or schedule an appointment online to get started, today.