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What should you do when your furnace suddenly goes out? Unless you’re a licensed professional, repairing a complicated HVAC unit yourself is out of the question. It’s a good thing that Aire Serv of East Central Minnesota offers HVAC residential services in Isanti, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas. You can count on our team of licensed repair technicians to be available whenever you need us, 24/7. Our team has a great deal of experience working with homes and businesses. So, you can turn to us for residential or commercial HVAC services. We will send the next available team member to carefully diagnose and repair any issue you have. Learn more about our local HVAC services.

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What Services Do You Offer?

When you need repairs for your HVAC system, the last thing you want to do is call a dozen companies before finding someone who can handle your issue. At Aire Serv of East Central Minnesota, we strive to offer the widest possible range of services. We can repair any part of your heating system. Our team also offers maintenance, installation, and air quality services. With this comprehensive array of services, you’ll never need another HVAC team. Some of the services we commonly perform include:

  • Duct cleaning
  • Furnace repairs
  • Thermostat replacement
  • HVAC maintenance services
  • Heating installation services
  • Air purification and indoor air quality
  • And much more

How Can I Tell When I Need HVAC Repairs?

It’s important to catch problems with your HVAC system as early as possible. While our team is available 24/7, having your heating suddenly fail is never pleasant. Sometimes, it may be impossible for the average person to notice the signs of a problem early. However, if you are attentive, many common difficulties can be noticed early and fixed before they cause any disruption to your life. To help you know what to look for, we have provided a list of some of the most common signs of HVAC issues below.

Changes in Airflow

When you’re trying to heat your property, airflow is vital. When your unit is not blowing air through your vents, it cannot circulate hot air, and it will fail to work properly. However, your airflow might gradually become weaker. For this reason, it’s useful to pay close attention to any changes in the strength of air coming from your vents. Reduced airflow can have minor causes, like clogged filters, or more serious causes, such as a dead blower motor. No matter what the cause, Aire Serv of East Central Minnesota can help you repair it.

Increases in Your Energy Bill

Have you recently noticed a spike in your energy bill? This could be due to a problem with your heating unit. Your home or business’s HVAC system can be responsible for up to 40% of your overall energy usage. So, when any part of your system starts guzzling power, you will likely notice it on your bill at the end of the month. Our team can perform an inspection to ensure that you don’t have any air leaks around doors or windows and help you maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

An Aging Unit

When your HVAC system is outdated, it is much more likely to go out on you. Here in Minnesota, being without a functioning furnace in the winter can be a serious issue, even if it’s only for a few hours. Most HVAC units will last at least 10 years. If you dutifully maintain your unit, you might be able to make it last much longer. Any furnace that is older than 10 years should be watched carefully. Any sign of unusual activity should immediately be checked by a licensed professional from Aire Serv of East Central Minnesota.

Unusual Noises

While it may not be strange for your HVAC system to make a humming or blowing sound, you should look out for unusual noises coming from your unit. Clanging, banging, or rattling are usually signs that you have an active problem. Noisy units can have a range of causes, from a loose screw to a foreign object caught in the fan.

Dust in the Air

Dust in the air can irritate your respiratory system and make allergy symptoms worse than they need to be. If you have a clean air filter in your HVAC unit but still notice dust in the air, you may need vent cleaning services. Over the course of time, your ducts will accumulate a thick layer of dust and debris. If you have never had the inside of your vents cleaned, you might be surprised by how much it is affecting your air quality. Aire Serv of East Central Minnesota offers duct cleaning services and many other air quality solutions.

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